How to Start an Online Business From Home Selling a Digital Product or Service

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I believe it’s true that the difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. – Michael E. Gerber.

You can’t do it anymore. You just can’t.

You’re waking up every morning to the life-threatening sound of the same damn alarm clock, and you swear to yourself it’s all going to end very soon. Deep inside you know you weren’t born to make another man filthy rich. “I’ll soon quit and set up a business of my own!” you’re telling yourself – but the instant feeling of risk then paralyzes you from taking action.

“Starting a business is complex and expensive” you self-rationalize- “the investment is too big and I could end up losing everything!”. But you’re actually very lucky. Very lucky. You were born in a great era, a golden time to open a business with minimal to zero monetary investment.

The internet has eliminated the old gatekeepers and opened the gates for people with the right mentality and abilities to become very successful regardless of whether they were born to a rich family in California or a poor one from Guatemala. I’m talking, of course, about the internet and starting an online business. The opportunity is here, will you take it?

Starting an Online Business From Scratch

In my original guide to making money online I teach people how to set up content websites, promote and drive enough traffic to them to then monetize and produce a passive income stream. Some of those websites end up creating a product of their own and naturally develop over time into a fully-operational online business – with their own branding and products and customers.

And this is great.

But what if we actually want to start an online business right from the beginning? what if we have no much interest in writing and just want to offer our product or service from day one? You’ll have to take a different approach. Instead of writing content and promoting it and thinking about monetization later, here you’ll want to reverse your actions and get your product or service polished first, and then do the heavy marketing.

With no further ado, I’m happy to introduce to you the complete guide to start an online business from home for less than $100. That’s right, less than $100. The following strategy is suited very very well to creation, marketing and selling of a product or service through the online space, and shines at its brightest when those are actually digital products. The leverage is incredible.

The Beauty and Benefits of Online Business

The real tragedy is that when the technician falls prey to the Fatal Assumption, the business that was supposed to free him from the limitations of working for somebody else actually enslaves him. – Michael E. Gerber.

Most of my friends here know me as the ‘online business’ guy, and for a good reason. Whenever there’s

How would you like to work for yourself, determine your own work hours and keep all the profits too? The benefits of business big, the benefits of online business are even bigger. You can get all the tools and services you need and set up an online business for literally less than a hundred dollars bill.

The Big Purpose: Deliver Value by Creating a GREAT Product or Service

The more lives you touch, the more money you make. This is the universal law of business. Think about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, either of these two genius personas made their fortune through selling to millions of people and enriching their life. The money they have now is just a reflection of how beneficial they both were and still are to the world. Each of them delivers a tremendous value to our collective lives.

So when you think of your business idea, you should really ask yourself two main big questions:

  • How many people might be interested in what I have to offer?
  • Does it bring a great value and enrich their life in a better way than anything else out there?

So when you’re pondering whether your business idea is an idea worth pursuing, what you should actually determine is whether there are enough people to sell your idea to (in its finalized form), and how successfully and qualitatively you can answer their perceived needs and satisfy their emotional frustrations or desires.

My Favorite Strategy to Come Up With a Profitable Business

Identify a skill you’re very good at, make sure enough people are interested in learning that skill, make a product or service out of it – ebook, ecourse, membership site, consultation service, DVD etc – and use the marketing and sales techniques discussed here to make profit out of it.

Look around, conduct your market research, get into their head. Does your idea really solve a pain or frustration experienced by a big-enough group of people to make it potentially profitable? After all, consumers buy your product (or service), and if there are not enough potential consumers, your idea has almost no chance to make it (unless you create a need from zero, but its MUCH harder than answering a need that already exist).

Market Research

So how exactly do we find if there are enough people interested in buying our product? There are a few ways to predict that.


Choosing a Hosting Provider and Domain Registrar

In the offline world, you’d usually want to rent some physical space for your business – and that’s not cheap. The online equivalent is web hosting — which you can get for a few dollars a month. You’d then need a domain registrar, to have an address pointing to your hosting (i.e

I highly recommend HostGator for hosting, I’ve hosted many sites with them over the years and they never fail me. HostGator will support and provide anything you might need for your online business. What I looooove about them is their 24/7 live chat which saved my a$$ a few times and is always there to solve any problem of yours within minutes.

They also run on ‘green energy’ and are always up so you won’t have to worry for your site being down and losing cash. Their servers are extremely fast and reliable and I’ve never had any issue with them. The price is also excellent so the value is even higher. I did try a bunch of other hosting providers, but HostGator is hands down the one I’d recommend first any day.

  • Click on ‘WEB HOSTING’
  • Choose Hatchling Plan (Good for one domain address)
  • Enter coupon code FRESHGATOR25 to receive 25% discount. (You may instead use FRESHGATORFIRST for a first free month, but I recommend yearly – its cheaper long-term)
  • Remove any Hosting Addons by unchecking Domain Privacy Protection, Sitelock, Jumpstart. You don’t need any of those when you’re just starting out.

For the domain registrar I personally use NameCheap but if you’re a beginner it’s better for you to register your domain with HostGator when you register your hosting. By the way, pick a .com to look professional.

Getting Your Site Ready and Designed

The system I always use and recommend is WordPress. You can do almost anything on it – from blogs to big content websites to e-commerce businesses to simple sales page. It’s also very easy to install:

Go to your HostGator’s cPanel and find “Fantastico Deluxe”. It allows you to install WordPress in 1-click, eaaaaaaasy.

A professional designer with experience in direct-marketing and conversions is very useful, but not cheap. If you’re just starting out, just get some basic design from Fiverr. You’ll be amazed of the professional quality you can get for $5. You can get all kinds of stuff there – from logos, to landing pages (sales page) to email opt-in forms to banners etc.

When your online business grows and matures, you can allow yourself to get some real professional work for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But that’s a long way further down the road.

Optimize Your Business for Search Engines (SEO)



“The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow.”

your business is nothing more than a distinct reflection of who you are.

business, like people, are suposed to grow; and with growth, comes change

“But it’s not the big things they talk about; it’s always the little things.”

if your customer doesn’t perceive he needs something, he doesn’t, even if he actually does.

The Internet is not some parallel universe exempt from the laws of reality. Anyone who has anything here got it because they worked for it. Like in the real world, success in the world of online hustling is dependent on what your strengths are, how you leverage them, and who you network with. There are no shortcuts or loopholes. Unless you toil away and create a legit product that will enlighten and/or entertain people, your hustle will go nowhere.


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  1. dannon

    Right now it looks like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform out there right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

    • Regev Elya

      I’m using WordPress, and I HIGHLY recommend it. For both SEO, flexibility (lots of options, plugins, themes and collective knowledge and experience) and ease of use. And it just gets better and better with every update.

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