20 Delicious Foods From Different Countries Around The World

One of the most unique aspects of travel is the luxury to taste all those new foods around the world, broaden your culinary horizon and calibrate your taste buds. Yesterday a thought hit me when I was organizing my travel albums, and that thought manifested today into what you’re reading right now.

What I’m about to show you is not the best or worst of foods, but rather foods that I managed to capture on camera and remembered to be interesting and worth sharing. I’ll be adding some more countries and photos over the months, trying to create a nice presentation of food from around the world.

Different Foods From Different Countries Around The World

The country next to each food is where I tasted it and took the photo.


The Vietnamese Pho Ga. Deliciiiiiiious.

The Vietnamese ‘Pho Ga’, my favorite soup in the world.



serbian food

On a floating little restaurant in Belgrade, a fresh Danube fish. The best meal I had in Serbia.



Jordanian food - hummus

On the trip to our neighbours in Petra – we had a little stop to try the local Hummus.



Original Mexican EMPANADAS !

Original Mexican EMPANADAS !



This one I had in touristic Rome, yet it's easily the absolute best pizza I had in my entire life. Italy is a zillion levels above the rest of the world when it comes to pizzas.

The BEST pizza I had in my entire life. Italy is a zillion levels above the rest of the world, it seems.



Food in Taiwan

Picked a random little restaurant in Taiwan and ordered… this. It looks disgusting, but I swear its delicious.



Montenegrin beef liver

Organic grass-fed Montenegrin beef liver. It comes with fresh tomato sauce and is beyond amazing.



Nicaraguan beef heart

Nicaraguan beef HEART, a nutritious source of cholesterol and healthy saturated fats to boost testosterone levels.


Burma (Myanmar)

Fell in love with those rich beefy soups when I was traveling Burma. They're rich in different flavors from every angle.

Fell in love with those rich beefy soups of Burma. They’re rich in different flavors from every angle.



One of my French ex-girlfriend's friend invited us to his family home and they served those.. roasted snails. I was worried at first but it was soo good that I finished them all like cherries.

Roasted SNAILS I had in an Alsacian village. They were so good I finished the whole thing in a minute.


El Salvador

el salvadorian food

Baby shrimps with veggies and rice in Playa El Tunco, El Salvador.


United States of America

American food: cheeseburger

In the country of land-whales, those burgers are a staple. Tried that on my first trip abroad to the U.S.



My Kosovarian friends were enthusiastic to let me try their favorite food. I don't remember how it's called, but it's surprisingly good,

Kosovarian friends were enthusiastic to let me try their favorite food. I don’t remember its name, but it’s quite good.



This is some grilled squid or octopus that I tried in the night market of Surin, East Thailand. Surprisingly tasty.

This is some grilled squid or octopus that I tried in the night market of Surin, East Thailand. Surprisingly tasty.



Georgian KHINKALI and Khvanchkara, 'Stalin's favorite wine'.

Georgian –> KHINKALI<– with Khvanchkara, ‘Stalin’s favorite wine’.



One of the benefits of Kebab in Armenia or any Caucasus country is the quality of the beef. You can literally see them roaming the grass all over the country.

The quality of Caucasus kebab is outstanding. You can always see the cattle roaming the grass freely outside.


Costa Rica

costa rican food

The colours of Costa Rican food. This is a great fish fillet I had in Monte Verde, a night before bungeeing. Pura Vida!



The yellow stuff is the Romanian 'Polenta' - mashed corn with cream. I didn't like it at all but many do.

Romanian pork, cabbage and their famous national food: ‘Polenta’ (aka ‘Mamaliga’), mashed corn with cream.



foods around the world: PHILIPPINES!

This is the first thing I ate in the Philippines: ‘Stuffed squid’. Don’t miss the Filipino balut either.



Armadillo stew - Belize

Delicious stew of two armadillos we hunted in a Belizean jungle. Cooked with pineapples and some local spices.


Notice: some of those foods are not very healthy and don’t fit the scope of my dietary guidelines. I usually allow myself a few of the local dishes when I visit a new country for the sake of curiosity, experience and good time.

There are lots of foods from around the world I probably never tried, so feel free to add them in the comments if you’d like to share your experiences. Bon appétit!


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  1. Jeremia

    Well, you should come to Indonesia and taste the rich flavor of our food.. :)

    • aimee grant

      cool I might come

  2. A Persian

    But I think you had better come to my country (IRAN) and meet persian foods. That kebab you noticed from Armenia is our original and national food. But there are alot of other delicious foods like fava beans with best tasty iranian rice including fried and grilled piece of lamb’s muscle.

    • sahel

      You’re right.Iranian local foods can attract a lot of tourists.

  3. Syed.Rafiuddin

    Please come to our India to taste different kind of food’s in different States, spicy food and non as well and lot more…

    • falak

      Seriously you should come and visit India and taste the food of different states .
      there are many different flavors and allot more ..

      • Maddy

        Indian food is my favourite

        • Elle

          Cool I will tooooo!!!!

    • Ashley

      USA…”country of land-whales” ???? that’s pretty funny, but there are some of us who aren’t, at least.

      • Ashley

        The questions marks were supposed to be an emoji. Not sure what happened there.

    • brother i have visit india i am from pakistan their many dishes those are same in india and pakistan but some of names are different jaisay ke india me pani puri pakistan main gol gappay but some names are same just like kachori

    • Sini

      ha…ha…at last i could see an ‘INDIAN’ saying about our country proudly…….

  4. sevdam

    The best of world Turkish Cuisine

  5. fayrouz hammad

    Good experience I think … but you shouldn’t miss the Egyptian food it is very very delicious .

  6. IF you visit india. Than you can test your taste bus in Urban Degchi. ::)

  7. chaisafru

    First you come India and you are surprised for lots of different foods in India.Most food lovers verified this fact after visiting India.

  8. You’re making me hungry! By the way, ever came across The Netherlands? If you didn’t it might be a cool idea for you to check out!

  9. go to jordan and taste the mansaf it is amazing

  10. Rosy

    Oh my god me to!!

  11. Rosy


  12. Taste a little bit in Malaysia it is so delicious Nasi Lemak

  13. Tiffany

    Visit Korea and you will have some of the best food ever…

  14. laila

    This food is looking bad I don’t like it you have not taste the flavour of Pakistani food

  15. Case

    I was just talking to a friend about how food enriches the experience of travel and how I wish I could taste the food of every country (its actually how I found this blog). I was wondering how you get to go so many places. Do you just backpack it?

  16. Amanda

    I love this blog! it’s interesting. I like Mexican empanadas and Baby shrimps with veggies and rice. Yum! thanks for sharing.

  17. Sammie Wilde

    If one day you stumble upon Bangladesh (pronounced Bung-glu-dish, for all of you weirdoes who think it’s pronounced Bang-gla-desh), you should definitely stop and try our amazing cuisine. Bangladesh has the best of food. Dinner to dessert. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried beef or chicken biryani! Our food is the best, Bangladesh is a must visit for anyone who has a good taste in food. Ha, I could make a ten page report on how good it is, but, really, I guess I should cut this short. :/ -Sammie Wilde (lol, you already see my name on the top… Well, you get to see it again!)

  18. Brandy

    Could you add more different country dishes over time? This list is phenomenal, love the photos

  19. you forgot my favourite…..butter chicken!!!????????????????

  20. What a great and interesting blog , its such a great way of get to know and differents cultures , congrats! miss . We were surprised about the differents kind of food around the world , we personally would not eat some of those dishes , but other we absolutlly exquisite! , You shold came to chile and taste HUMITAS , PASTEL DE CHOCLOS AND MORE

  21. Tasha

    Hi there, great blog- one question- in the Costa Rica photo, do you remember what the puree was?
    Thank you

  22. Joshiyonna Hayes

    Italy ???????????????????? and I luv empanadas from Mexico mmm gud!! ????I would luv to try all around the world foods that r very delicious ????????

  23. Freddie Weeks

    Northern Ireland is a land of very fresh well cooked meats and veg (served piping hot)
    Their soda, wheaten and potato breads are simply stunning which gives the (Farmers) Irish breakfast its wonderful taste, served alongside beef sausage, eggs, tomato and mushrooms, with lots of hot tea to drink, sets you up contentedly for the rest of the day

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