How to Build Muscle for Skinny Guys: My 62lbs Weight Gain Transformation

What you’re about to observe might make all your presumptions go out the window. I see way too many skinny guys desperately ‘fighting’ for a few ounces of muscle, misled by supplement companies and commercial magazines. Stop wasting your god damn money and time – and start leading yourself based on legit science. It’s time for this guide to be written.

How to Build Muscle for Skinny Guys

“So, where do you wish to be assigned?” asked me the recruitment military officer. “I wanna be a pilot!”, I replied without hesitating. My uncle always told me that Israeli females see the penis of Israeli pilots as a highly-valued diamond they crave for. Who wouldn’t want to be a pilot now?

“You can not. I am sorry.”, Mr. officer replied to me. “Pilot or nothing.” I told him, trying to sound firmly unbending. “You don’t understand, you technically can’t. You have a tiny special clause in your military profile, disqualifying you from any elite unit due to your extremely low weight for your height”. Daaamn.

What happened in the following years was nothing short of life changing for me. I even attribute much of the success of my online journey to the transformation you’re about to observe. As a teenager, I was pretty sure I was doomed for a life of involuntary scrawniness. “It’s just my body type. I eat all day and can’t gain a single pound!”

I spent the following years learning from the valuable experience of field experts, devouring books and scientific researches while applying the newly acquired knowledge on my naturally fragile body. Thinkin’ you’re genetically doomed? Think twice.

Defining Genetic Doom

Skinny me! Gaining muscle and weight seemed impossible at the time

18 years old me — 121lbs (55kg) — 5’11” (1.81m) Skinniest guy in school.

Building Muscle for Skinny Guys: Moments of Biological Enlightenment

I started taking my body seriously only after a year or so in the military, and I had to ‘waste’ (I don’t like this word, I learned a lot) months of gym time with very minimal gains of weight and muscle. I managed to increase a few pounds, but nothing really worth mentioning. As time passed, I realized something is not working properly. “What the..?” I have followed my gym-trainer’s workout plan for so long, ate properly (so I thought), but nothing noticeable happens! Grinding water at its finest.

I’m an hyper-focused rat when I find something interesting, so the next natural move was exploring the whole thing. I became pretty fascinated by the world of heavy rusty iron and human physiology. Large amounts of scientific readings were consumed and a few forums got themselves a new curious member, starving to expand his knowledge to a new dimension. Not too long after, I realized a few things:

  • Being an extreme ectomorph isa nightmare for someone wishing to build muscles. Fragile, lean, small shouldered, lightly muscled and a hard gainer by its definition. Ectomorphs have the metabolism rate of a jet plane on ephedrine, and it takes FAR more food intake and commitment for an ectomorph to achieve the muscular frame of other body types. You probably have some strong ectomorphic traits if you found yourself identifying with me so far.

To get visual – a classic ectomorph is someone like me. A mesomorph is someone like Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone, and an endomorph is someone like Jack Black or Danny DeVito. Most people are an hybrid of these different types, but some people (like me, and possibly you) are born short of “luck”, purely ectomorphic. Those people were probably the first to become extinct in times of drought in human history.

  • Nutrition > Any Workout Program. I don’t mean to devalue the importance of a good workout plan, but even the best one won’t work without a proper food intake. Ectomorphs have to consume a lot more calories than other body types in order to see some change. If you’re a hardgainer, you will have to eat like a starving pig. Weight gain will follow.
  • Heavy and Basic. My gym trainer, like most of the trainers, sucked. He basically gave me a recipe for grinding water. Too many reps of too many sets of too many unnecessary exercises, without ever mentioning the true importance of the basic, heavy, multiple-joints exercises (Squat and Deadlift, for instance) and proper nutrition.


There is one book I owe a tremendous portion of my growth to – “Starting Strength“. Mark Rippetoe is an old school hardcore strength trainer who wrote this amazing masterpiece along with professor Lon Kilgore. Rip is a big authority in the field, and believe me – this guy knows what he’s talking about. For many people, this book became the ‘bible’ of weight training since it’s been published, and for a good reason. Do yourself a huge favor and read it.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore


How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys: Words Into Actions

Here comes the practical part. I’ll try to present it all in the easiest possible manner to understand –  I believe explosive biological terms will only confuse the average reader and cause analysis-paralysis. Don’t sweat over the small details, it’s the big picture that matters.

Sure, understanding the mechanics of a car might help a little bit – but it’s definitely not crucial to becoming a good driver. I want you to become that good driver. The only thing that’s required from you is a huge amount of motivation and self commitment. Believe me, you WILL grow like a monster.

Skinny guys CAN gain muscle, I swear.

Part One: Nutrition

What to Eat to Gain Weight and Build Muscle?

Everyone that I know that competes at a high level in powerlifting does not follow any kind of strict diet. They don’t eat crap all the time, but it’s not like they are losing sleep over it. When I was competitive I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and just tried to get enough protein. I called it the “’Nuff Protein Diet.” (Jim Wendler)

I highly encourage you to avoid eating crap, but I would like to put the next chapter’s emphasis on calories (non)counting and protein intake. Nutrition is the most crucial aspect of a healthy life in general and the lifting world in particular. If you want to gain muscle, it really comes down to two main things –

  • Eat enough (Protein, fats, carbs and other micronutrients)
  • Progressively overload (Constantly be increasing your workload)

If you’re going to build muscle naturally, you absolutely MUST be in a positive caloric intake balance. Now, there is a lot more to the equation – hormonal changes, nutrient absorption, thermogenesis (thermic effects of food) and more. I don’t want you to count calories. It’s a huge mental inconvenience.

Many people also calculate their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and adjust calories accordingly. BMR is the amount of calories your body theoretically burns without the extras (working out, walking, talking, laughing, whatever). I used to do that but now I believe it’s really just a waste of time.

Now, for building muscle as fast as possible, you will have to eat like its your day job. Seriously, being an ectomorph puts you in a somewhat inconvenient position. You must consume a LOT more calories than normal people in order to achieve the same improvement.

You’re probably saying right now – “But I’m eating all day and I can’t add a single pound!”. I was there too. You’re not eating enough. You might be eating a lot, but you’re still not eating enough… for your genetics. No worries though, redemption is near.

Building muscle for skinny guys is a bit more tricky. Being an ectomorph, your body has a super-fast cheetah-like metabolism, a quickly responding caloric adaptation mechanism and an increased heat production from food intake (Thermogenesis of food). It basically just means that you’ll have to consume a lot more food than regular people in order to continue improving both strength and size.

But gaining weight for skinny guys is still possible, and not even too hard once you understand the concepts. You just have to drizzle yourself with the right dose of determination and persistence. The rest is details.


As I said, I really don’t want you to count neither your BMR nor calories. Simply eat as much as you can. How will you know if you’re eating enough? Track your gym sessions and body weight (can be misleading though*). If you’re not getting stronger (progressing in workload) on a proper program and adding mass to your frame, you’re not eating enough. Eat enormously.

You might as well not be consuming enough protein to maintain your muscular recovery, so track calories and protein intake for one week if you’re plateauing and stalling in the program. You’re probably consuming a lot less (either calories, protein, or both) than what you assume. Eat more.

How much did I consume along the road to 62 additional pounds of weight? I have no idea but I believe I started with around 3k a day (that’s a lot for a fifty something kg person) and increased over time to a lot more.


If you still can’t seem to gain weight, consider using homemade meal replacement shakes as additional meals to your diet in the form of liquid. Many people swear by the GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) approach. It certainly works, but I don’t feel comfortable enough recommending it from a health-perspective. If you go for it, make sure you choose pasture-raised full-fat organic milk.

I also find buffet restaurants a great bang for your buck, especially post-workout (when you’re hungry like a lion) and especially if you’re bodybuilding while traveling on a budget. If you’re eating a ton and still can’t gain weight with the GOMAD approach, you probably have some medical condition that should be examined by your medical doctor.


Nonsense. That’s another myth that keeps running relentlessly in what seems to be every gym around the world. It is the overall amount of protein per day that matters. You can safely consume more than 30g of protein per meal.

How much protein per day? You’ll find different recommendations among every lifter, trainer or magazine – most commonly ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 grams per body-weight in kilogram. Others swear by calculating it per lean body-weight only and some people go as far as separating animal protein from plant based protein.

I think this is all crazy. I added about 62lbs of mostly muscle without really calculating the amount of protein. Simply eat a ton, and consume a portion of protein-rich food every meal to make sure that you’re consuming enough.

Again, if you’re stalling in your program and can’t progress, track calories and protein intake for one week. Make sure your calories consumption is in the few-thousands and that you’re protein intake is somewhere around the above numbers. Make sure you drink a lot of water.

A Word About The Misleading Scale

Scale can be a great tool for seeing ‘big-picture’ improvements, but do not get emotionally-attached to it – it’s psychologically disastrous. It has huge fluctuations during the day – water volume, hormonal changes, food that’s still ‘in’, etc. It also does not take into account fat loss and muscle gain. It is just a big broad number.

For example, you might be increasing one kilogram of fat and a only little bit of muscle, and still find yourself rejoicing when you see the scale goes up, and vice versa. So, do check the weight once in a while (I check once every week, upon wake up, before breakfast, after vising the toilet), but do not get too emotional about it. Tracking body fat percentage is essential for making the scale useful.

Keeping It Safe: Do Not Neglect Plant Foods

I felt an urge to mention that. It seems like many amateur, semi-professional bodybuilders and lifters tend to neglect whole plant foods consumption. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts – all those should be the staple of your diet. Eat loads of them. They will help your body in every possible way, from reducing chance of getting cancer to helping your body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

IMPORTANT: Hormonal, Caloric and Protein Adaptation

Our body is an amazing masterpiece of evolutionary art, it adapts to almost anything. In order to continue advancing and gaining muscle mass, you’ll have to trick your body’s natural regulation mechanisms. You’ll do that by cutting the amount of calories and protein approximately by half or even more once per week. Ectomorphs tend to have a more ‘adaptive’ system and this will ‘shock’ your body and prevent hormonal, caloric and protein adaptational regulations.

This is something I did not take into account until the very last phase of my change. I literally plateaued on a HUGE diet and only started gaining muscle again, ironically, once I started cutting my calories by half once a week. I believe that I would have achieved the same gains much faster if I applied that principle from day one. Paradoxically, this will speed up your results by ensuring that your body is not adjusted to your caloric and protein intake.

So now you know how to gain weight fast for skinny guys with fast metabolism – but also know, for future goals, that if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll want to do the exact opposite: eating like a pig once a week. Eating more and actually losing more weight?! welcome to the land of milk and honey and grass-fed steaks.

Junk and Processed Foods at Your Own Risk

How to gain mass for skinny guys? EAT,LIFT,REST,REPEAT.

How to gain mass for skinny guys? IT’S WORKING!

This isn’t your average bodybuilding site and your health is a top priority here. I can’t feel comfortable enough to send you eating loads of junk food just to get bigger. It certainly is possible, and many people do that because its easier, but rest assured that it takes its toll on the body. You’re already shoving enough calories to stress your body, at least mind where they’re coming from.

I’d say avoid harmful processed foods as much as you can. If you can, make sure your meat and other animal products are organic, cage-free, hormones-free, and grass fed. Avoid grains, sugars, candies, snacks etc as much as you can. Base your diet on organic whole foods.

“One cheat meal/day once a week! please!” – At your own risk. You’re the one to decide if the psychological benefits outweigh the damage. It is not very healthy to shove in thousands of calories every day, but I don’t want to make this post any longer and heavy than it already is, so I would leave the evolutionary biological and biochemical basis to this for a different post. However, this is unavoidable if you’re into building muscles, so you do your priorities.


Eat 3 or 4 meals a day and make sure each of them consists of a good piece of protein (meats, eggs, dairy if your digestion system can handle it), loads of fresh vegetables of all colours (spinach and other green leafs are packed with goods), a good fat like avocados or nuts, and some safe starches like sweet potato or even white rice (the safest grain). Get some fruits as a desert and you’ll be fueled like a tank.

Example meal: steak/chicken breast/beef liver/eggs + mashed sweet potato + salad + a bunch of your favorite nuts and fruits for dessert.

3 or 4 big meals like those and you should be fine. If that’s not enough and you’re stuck – make the meals larger or add another one. If that doesn’t work – try introducing some extra liquid sources (shakes or GOMAD). Remember to cut out all food intake by half once a week.

Part Two: Lifting Heavy


There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat. (Mark Rippetoe)

If you’re not chemically enhanced, an intense full body workout routine based on compound exercises is really your best bet for strength and muscle growth, especially as a beginner. This routine will increase testosterone levels and other anabolic hormones, encouraging massive growth.

This type of programs usually provides you with 2 or 3 days per week of very short and highly intense workouts, incorporating only a few sets of two or three super-heavy exercises. You get a workout every 48 to 72 hours, perfect from a protein synthesis perspective.


These intense programs let you spend your time wisely. By doing only a few compound heavy exercises every few days, you incorporate all of your muscles in highly complex and growth-eliciting movements, resulting in a huge spree of anabolic (muscle building) hormones and systematical growth.

The heavier the movement, the more anabolic the response and the the bigger your body gets as a whole. Mark Rippetoe talks about it a lot in his book I have mentioned earlier, Starting Strength. The human body is a highly complex system that works as a whole mechanism, and the every routine should be based on heavy and basic core movements.


Isolated exercises are movements that incorporate only one single joint. Biceps and triceps curls are great examples, incorporating only the elbow joint. Compound exercises are movements that incorporate more than one joint per exercise – bench press, deadlift and squat being the classic examples.

Naturally, with compound exercises you’re able to load a lot more weight, generating a far juicier anabolic hormonal response and systematical growth. Those hormones – most noticeably testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1 – stimulate a big body-wide growth, from bone density to muscular size.

The whole is much bigger than the sum of it’s part. Chin ups, which incorporates both the shoulder and elbow joints, would trigger a better growth than separately doing biceps curls and another isolated upper back exercise. The heavier the movement, the stronger its anabolic response and the bigger you get, provided enough food.

Isolated Movements are Beneficial For:

  • Professional bodybuilders who care for delicate contest proportions.
  • ‘Fixing’ a genetic disproportionate defect.
  • Avoiding incorporating an injured muscle.

When you’re just starting, you don’t need nothing more than the basic compound exercises. And yes, no biceps curls. And no, your biceps WILL grow. Take a look at my hand and compare it to the initial picture at the top of this article. That’s me in the army, next to a friend of mine a few months later.. without ever doing any curl. My arms are not huge in any way, but they did grow substantially without any isolated movement.

Building Muscle for Skinny Guys - Biceps Comparison

When starting, your biceps is not your weakest spot – your whole body is a weak spot!

Trainee’s Training Stages and Periodization

That’s a vital point to understand. Basically, there are gonna be three main stages in your training repertoire.

  • Novice – The magic stage. Anything you do will probably work (some things just work better). Characterized primarily by the ability to increase training workload every single workout. For the first few months of your training, that’s your stage. Embrace it, it feels magical.
  • Intermediate – Ability to increase the training workload on a weekly basis. For most of the people (who train correctly), this stage usually comes after a few months and comes to an end after around another two years of proper workouts. Requires some sort of a weekly periodization, more on this later.
  • Advanced – Ability to increase the training workload on a monthly basis. You’ll eventually reach this stage after a few years of training properly. Why am I saying properly? Because most people just ‘go to the gym’ and stay on an intermediate or even novice stage even after many years of training, without ever realizing their growth potential.

After some time with a novice program that increases workload (intensity or volume) each workout, your central nervous system will not be able to recover in the window between workouts, and some kind of periodization will have to be applied. There are a few different types of periodization, and that’s a whole different post to write. Luckily for you, there are some awesome proven programs that come with this periodization already built-in.

I used Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength novice program when I just begun and was very happy with the gains. I later swtiched to Bill Star‘s 5×5 full body workout routine when the novice program stopped working and I couldn’t advance in workload between workouts. Welcome to the intermediate stage.

(Mark Rippetoe actually recommends this program as a follow-up to his novice program)

The Fun Part Begins

In Rippetoe’s program (outlined originally in Starting Strength), you basically increase the weight on the bar from each workout to the next, gaining massive amounts of strength and mass if you’re eating enough. This program really does wonders in squeezing out the maximum juice out of your system.

I experimented both with ‘Kethnaabs’ modified version and with the next program, recommended by Rippetoe himself as an alternative to his ‘Original Starting Strength Novice Program‘. The original program includes the explosive and highly complex ‘power clean’ move – which is more suitable for aspiring powerlifters than the average joie. I trained at home, and didn’t have the equipment necessary for doing these power cleans, so I sticked with the following program:

Mark Rippetoe’s Practical Programming Novice Program

3×5 Squat
3×5 Bench Press / Military Press (Alternating)
Chin-ups: 3 sets to failure (add weight if completing more than 15 reps)

3×5 Squat
3×5 Military Press / Bench Press (Alternating)
1×5 Deadlift

3×5 Squat
3×5 Bench Press / Military Press (Alternating)
Pull-ups: 3 sets to failure (add weight if completing more than 15 reps)

Mark Rippetoe’s Original Starting Strength Novice Version

If you have the curiosity, the will, and the equipment for power cleans, you might be interested in the ‘Original Starting Strength Novice Program’ which simply alternates between the following workouts on three non-consecutive days.

Workout A
3×5 Squat
3×5 Bench Press
1×5 Deadlift

Workout B
3×5 Squat
3×5 Press
5×3 Power Cleans

(3×5 means 3 sets of 5 reps, 5×3 means 5 sets of 3 reps)


Don’t touch those programs. Don’t add a darn thing. Visit Starting Strength FAQ for related questions and valuable content. That webpage might be a little over-saturated with information so if you find yourself confused by the noise and paralyzed by the information overload, simply skip everything besides the next ones. Understanding them are enough for you to make massive gains. I did the heavy lifting (heh) for ya.

What’s The First Workout Like? How Do I Determine My Starting Weights?

We’ll be determining our starting weights on the first two workouts. It is highly beneficial for you to you learn the proper techniques to the exercises, especially if you are doing them without an experienced trainer. Care must be taken when determining starting weights and you better off starting with too-low than too-high numbers.

First, begin with an empty olympic barbell (45lbs) and squat down for a set of five reps. If you completed that easily with a good form – add another 10lbs and go for another set of 5. If speed is not slowed and form is still intact, add another 10lbs and go for another 5. Do that until speed or form is crippled, whichever comes first. Then rest and perform two more sets of 5 with this weight.

Congratulations, you have just completed your first 3 squat sets of 5 reps. Repeat this process with the bench press. If you choose to go for the original program, it’s now time for the deadlift. Stop your workout once you find out the starting weight since you’ve already completed one set as the program outlines. After the set is complete, go home and take the next day for rest and recovery.

How’s The Second Workout Like?

Progressive overload starts from this workout. After your general warmup and warmup sets, add 10lbs to the weight already established on the first workout. For example, if you squatted for 90lbs two days ago, you’re now going for 100lbs. Go ahead then and determine the weight for the military-press as well. If you choose to go for the ‘Practical-Programing’ version of the program, then it is time for deadlift. Stop once you find out the starting weight since all you have to do is one set.

How Much Rest Between Exercises and Sets?

Do not overthink this too much. Between warmup sets, it will usually be as much time as it takes to change the plates on the bar. Once you get to the working sets of the program, rest as much as needed but not more. I believe I used to rest at around 3 minutes between sets when I just started and increased to around 6 minutes as the weight got very big relative to my size.

Warlord Rippetoe recommends something like that (2-3mins at first, moving up to 5 and 7 minutes as weight gets heavier) but do not get too emotional about it. Just listen to your body and give yourself resting times around those numbers.

How Much Weight Should I Add Each Workout?

For young males that weigh between 150-200 lbs., deadlifts can move up 15-20 lbs. per workout, squats 10-15 lbs., with continued steady progress for 3-4 weeks before slowing down to half that rate. Bench presses, presses, and cleans can move up 5-10 lbs. per workout, with progress on these exercises slowing down to 2.5-5 lbs. per workout after only 2-3 weeks. Young women make progress on the squat and the deadlift at about the same rate, adjusted for bodyweight, but much slower on the press, the bench press, cleans, and assistance exercises. (Mark Rippetoe, Practical Programming, Pg. 122)

If you manage to complete all sets of 5 with proper technique, do as described above by Mark. If you you get all sets with proper technique but with a much slower speed, proceed cautiously – you might want to add less weight than planned (10-15lbs on deadlift instead of 20lbs, for example). Adding too much can hold you back for weeks, adding too little has no real consequences.

If you get the first sets with proper technique and only score 4 reps on the last one – determine if that is a recovery issue (not eating/sleeping enough) or form issue. If the form is easily correctable, proceed as planned. If that’s a recovery issue and the bar just felt too heavy, then add just a small increment or keep the weight the same the next workout. Eat a TON!

If you can’t complete the first set or you’re missing a few reps on the other sets, you are probably using too much weight, especially if you only recently started with this program. If you have been making progress but have stalled for three workouts in a row – see the next section.

Stalling – Why and How

You will eventually stall, this is unavoidable. Progress can’t continue smoothly forever. Stalling can occur due to insufficient dietary intake and/or rest. It might also be the result of adding too much weight to the bar or messing up with the program and adding other exercises (you’ve been warned), or simply because you are more and more close to your genetic potential and need to move to an intermediate program with a weekly periodization.

If you suspect stalling is due to a recovery issue, make sure you get enough sleep and nutrition (reminder: EAT A TON).  If you suspect you added too much weight on the bar, drop 5 or 10lbs – depending on the exercise. If you have added additional exercises, drop them altogether and stick to the basic three. If you have done everything properly and still stall – congratulations, you are on your way to the intermediate stage.

If you’re sure that you’ve eaten/rest enough and used perfect form – reverse a few weeks back and use the previous weight and build it all over again with smaller incremental increases this time. Your body will have time to ‘actively recover’ and you will probably be able to do it a few times before finally moving to an intermediate program. Hooray!

Make sure you properly learn the lifts technique before starting out. This is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL.

More information on stalling, resetting and progressing on the end of Starting Strength Wiki FAQ. There is a lot more information there than I can possibly put into this post. Make sure you read it if you really want to know the “why and how” of this powerful program.

Where Next?

After stalling for a while and reaching your novice potential (usually after a few months), I suggest moving to the next intermediate full body workout program. I made the vast majority of my strength and size gains with it and even Mark Rippetoe himself recommends this one as a follow up to his novice programs.

Enter the Bill Starr’s 5×5 program.

In this program your week is split into 3 days, just like your novice program. But the difference now is that your first day acts as a “heavy day” while the middle day is an active-recovery “light day” that keeps your motor pathways ‘in shape’ but still allows your body to recover, while the last day of the week is a ‘medium’ day where you increase the weight just a little to set up a new record to begin the next week with, in the next “heavy” day.

The idea behind this concept is that recovery capabilities limitations are much faster to reach than potential strength capabilities, and at one point you need to periodize your program intelligently so that you can continue advancing. Your ability to recover is not enough to support major strength gains from one workout to the next. Every professional athlete does that.

That way, you increase your workload on a weekly basis but your body is still able to recover. Same thing goes for the monthly periodization of the advanced stage (just on a monthly basis). I actually managed to get to the point where I am today still being in the intermediate stage. You will probably reach your goals somewhere in this stage too.

Bill Starr’s 5×5 Linear Program For Intermediate Lifters – Madcow’s Version

Heavy Day:
5×5 Squat
5×5 Bench Press
5×5 Barbell Row

Light Day:
4×5 Squat
4×5 Military Press
4×5 Deadlift

Medium Day:
4×5, 1×3, 1×8 Squat
4×5, 1×3, 1×8 Bench Press
4×5, 1×3, 1 x8 Barbell Row

These are not really 5×5 or 4×5 sets, the first sets are ‘ramping sets’ leadng to the final heavy set.
It’s just a general outline and really is just the edge of the fork. This is my favorite program. Really effective. I owe most of my growth to this program which I followed for a year or so with a lot of motivation. Check out Madcow’s Bill Starr 5×5 Linear Version For Intermediate Lifters to learn the nuts and bolts of this program.

Another book that I highly recommend, is “Practical Programming for Strength Training“, again by Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore. This one goes hand in hand with the former “Starting Strength”. In Practical Programming you will learn the science and anatomy of weight training , and you’ll be granted the knowledge required to build an effective workout program for anyone, in any stage. Highly recommended.

P.S – I did not include any monthly periodized full body workout plan since I never reached the point where I had to use one. You will probably reach your goals (unless you wanna go pro) way before you reach that stage. You won’t need that info even if you try to teach your pals how to gain muscle mass for skinny guys. All beginners are novices and almost everyone reaches their goals intermediately.


Muscle building for skinny guys is mostly nutrition. The best program will make you strong, it will not make you big. What makes you big is enormous amounts of food. Weight lifting just provides stimuli for the huge food intake to flow into muscles instead of just fat. Skinny ectomorphic guys wishing to build muscle should remember that before anyone else.

To really appreciate the programs, compare to the initial photo in the head of the article:

How to Gain Weight For Skinny Guys: After-Photo of My Back

How to build muscle fast for skinny guys? just follow the big picture. This photo was taken somewhere along the way, right when I got my first tat.

Part Three: Equipment


The iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The iron will always kick you the real deal. The iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But, two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds. (Henry Rollins)

Now – you CAN accomplish all those full body workouts at the comfort of your home. I built my own little home gym when I realized that..

  • There’s zero distractions at home. For me, that’s the biggest benefit. I want to work out, not chat with people or explain to them how to gain weight for skinny men and how silly their workout regime is. Temptation is everywhere.
  • All you need is some iron and a bench. I also got two tires for free from a local garage so I have somewhere safe to land my deadlifts to avoid breaking the floor. You can get them for free as well if you simply ask politely, a smile goes a long way.
  • It’s actually cheaper in the long run.
  • It’s far more convenient. No need to get that car going and head to the gym every few days.
  • No need to wait because the bench is taken. This is less of a problem in bigger gyms, but if you’re in a small town you know what I mean. Ever seen a young man biceps-curling in the squat rack? not funny.

I really recommend building yourself a gym at home if you have the place for that. It’s an effective, simple, distraction-free and rather cheap alternative. Some people find the social part of gyms motivational for them and I wouldn’t argue with that, so set your priorities.

Make sure your bench can also handle squats and military presses if you do not have a power rack. Power racks are beneficial to perform squats and bench-presses safely without a spotter. This minimal amount of home gym equipment gives you everything you need for a massive gain of strength and muscle.

An interesting addition to your home gym would be a homemade T-Handle Russian-style kettlebell, very useful for deadlifts and rows.

Building Muscle for Skinny Guys:My Home Exercise Equipment

This is all you need. This baby helped me get from 55kg to 83kg. I used the upper handles as a squat rack, it’s really convenient though not as safe as a separate rack. Amazon sells similar benches.

You don’t need any fancy machine. Most machines are built for isolated movements and we have already talked about them earlier in the post, but here are the benefits of free weight over compound-exercises machines:

  • Every body is slightly different, and when you’re working with free weight, your body naturally controls the movement anatomically. Some machines limit your movement or “fix” you up to one place, making you move less naturally often with less range of motion. Free weight is just more functional and promote more coordination and balance.
  • Free weight also involves more muscles. It uses a lot of the core muscles as movement stabilizers. Because machines are fixed, there is nothing really to stabilize so there’s less work. That’s also one of the reasons why you can load a little more on the bar with machines, it does some of the work for you. You will also see slightly better results with free weight, because it involves more muscles and trigger a greater anabolic response.
  • Free weight is cheaper. With a barbell and a few weights, you can get a complete workout.

I can see machines being beneficial for those not having a spotter and wishing to perform the squats and the bench press. However, this can be easily fixed using a power rack. Get a good set of weights and your home gym is set for you growth. You could also add a pull-ups bar if you’d like, two old tires which you can get free from your local garage and can use for your deadlifts to land on.

Equipment Summary:

Final Words

To feel strong, to walk amongst humans with a tremendous feeling of confidence and superiority is not at all wrong. The sense of superiority in bodily strength is borne out by the long history of mankind paying homage in folklore, song and poetry to strong men. (Fred Hatfield – Powerlifting : A Scientific Approach)

That’s it. Now you know how to build muscle for skinny guys with a blazing-fast metabolism. It is no magic though. Simply train heavy, eat tons, rest enough, and grow big. I hope this guide gave you the motivational boost needed to begin your journey.

Stay focused. Stay motivated. Stay determined. As you can see, amazing things can happen if you have the will, commitment and persistence to keep working hard. When you reach your goal you’ll be in rare company, in the company of winners who persisted and fought and as a result reaped the tremendous mental and social byproducts of a ripped physique .

It takes effort and many hours with the rusty iron in your gym. But it will change your life. Forever. Don’t believe me? Check out my new upcoming book, detailing how I transformed myself from the skinny guy you see on the pictures into a… well, you’ll see.

Who Said Building Muscle for Skinny Guys Wasn't Possible?

A year and a half later

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. (Bill Bradley)


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  1. Samyani

    Hi, my name is Samyani and I want to tell you that your article of how you made the change in yourself is exciting, and touching. I Admire the determination and will power. Good job! I like your writing.

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks Samyani,
      all the best!

      • Anonymous

        Can you post some legitimate before and after pictures? Acouple when you were skinny and you now that you’re built?
        It doesnt seem like you were ever an ectomorph

  2. Adam

    As usual I find your writing rich and interesting we have to sit on a beer to catch up.

    • Regev Elya

      Soon brother

  3. Great transformation! Thank you for doing the opposite of every muscle mag out there. It took me a while to figure out the importance of diet, progressive weight loading, etc etc. I love fitness but so many sites out there promote ridiculous theories. This site is not one of those.

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks, fighting thin (!) knowledge and faulty conventional wisdom is the primary mission of this site.

      • joel

        hi just read your article and im having the same problem as you did,im 60 kg at 32 yrs of age,eat four good meals a day plus protein supps,train every second day with 8kg dumbells and 16kg on barbell,been doing it for 6 weeks now and I feel im just toning up,any suggestions,im from australia too if that helps cheers

        • Jake

          Add more weight. If you’re eating right and getting sleep and you’re not seeing gains then you’re probably not lifting enough

  4. Dude,

    It’s hard to believe the top and bottom pictures are only 18 months apart!

    I’m not trying to pack on muscle, I just want to run faster. Totally agree with you about whole plant foods, they’re the foundation of my diet.

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks Andy, yeah as time goes by its hard even for myself to believe I once looked like that.

  5. Shani

    Beautifully said! You look great, I can’t believe that first picture was you before!

    • Regev Elya

      thanks, neither do I!

      • Jose

        Hi! I’m 13 and really skinny? So I don’t know what to do. I read your article it’s really good but I don’t know if I should star doing weights and drinking protein but is it safe for me to drink protein if I’m 13. PLEASE, I don’t know what to do HELP thx

  6. Stories like these are truly rare, when you look at most people they don’t have the power to break out of their comfort zone. You took action and made it happen, amazing and inspirational. Thank you for a nice story and good luck with your future fitness goals!

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks Mario, much appreciated bro

  7. Preen Maddox

    Good to read such a wonderful article to start muscle building. Drop the junk, soda, frozen foods and all that processed crap. Instead eat lots of natural foods like steaks, chicken breast, veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc.

    • Regev Elya

      true, but without whole grains :)

  8. Rahul

    dude i like your article ….in I promise u ill gonna follow it an ill rply u after18 months what was my result

    • Gogi

      Same here, maybe we can all post our skinny to muscular transformation pics to share our results.

      • Regev Elya

        Would be awesome if you all post your transformation photos!

  9. Venom Vivek

    Hi Regev

    I am an Indian,20 years Old,5’7 height and I weigh around 47Kgs. I am an Ectomorph. I really liked your post n hope that it proves useful for me in Gaining Weight and building up my Muscle. I am a Vegan so I can’t Eat Meat,Eggs. Can you please provide me a rough Vegan Meal Plan so that it’ll help me. I browsed over the Internet and I found nothing with full information. I’d be glad if u help me out. Being Skinny truly Sucks bro. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Keep Helping, Keep Rocking.

    • Hosja

      There is an option for vegans called not being vegan

    • Regev Elya

      Hosja knows what he’s saying ^

      Veganism is far-far away from being an optimal diet for a lifter. Protein is a problem here, if I were you I’d supplement with organic hemp or peas protein powder if you can’t reach a minimum of ~80g protein a day (if you’re still 40-50kg). Eat large amounts of beans (HUMMUS!) but make sure they’ve been soaked in water and sprouted to significantly reduce their toxins (and there’s plenty) levels.

      Best of luck

  10. Mark

    Hey I really enjoyed reading your article. I’m 6′-2″, 150 pounds and just can’t seem to gain weight so I’m going to give your program a go. Quick question. This summer I will be playing ice hockey, floor hockey, and slo-pitch probably on a weekly basis. Do you see this affecting your workout plan by a lot? It’ll mostly be cardio and legs that are working out during these sports.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Regev Elya

      How many times a week is a crucial question. Though those activities aren’t very hard on the central nervous system and don’t take very much time to recover from, they can still pose some troubles and interfere with your proper recovery from workout to workout – especially if your sleep and diet patterns aren’t optimal.

      Your progression will tell you everything. If you keep progressing normally with this additional cardio – then keep doing them. If you don’t – and you’re sure your nutrition and sleep are good – i’d ditch them. If building muscle is important enough for you.

  11. This is exactly how I also gained almost 40 pounds in 10 months. Every word is true, nothing to add really! Maybe only that the heavy lifting forces hardgainer body to change hormones and metabolism to make do with less food in order to not only build but then maintain natural muscles.

    Great work, man.

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks Vlad! Most ectomorphic skinny hardgainers would kill for 40 more pounds, great job on your transformation.

  12. brian

    hello guys,

    Your web site might probaby the best answer to my problem since from my birth.

    i was born skinny till now same in skinny shape. friends told me because my parents had same body figure..

    Inheretance in other words i got..

    Im now 42 years old but still dreaming to have a great body but not same as those body builder at least some lean muscle to have..

    Can you send me some goood multivitamins or muscle builder drinks and tips exercise for basic so i stil l

    can chase a great shape on my age..


    • Regev Elya

      No need for any multivitamins or shakes, just follow the instructions I laid.

  13. Mithra

    I’m 18, 6 foot and 125 lbs…been training off and on for about 2 years with a max gain of about 10 lbs but I always loose it and drop back down. So glad I ran into this article! Gunna give all your wisdom a go and hopefully I can end up looking like you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I think it can really easily be overlooked that you acquired this knowledge through years of failing and persistence and you are are sharing this so others don’t have to “waste” time. Respect brother. Cheers.

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks bud, appreciate it.

  14. Jaivy

    Great read man! I started out the same height and weight as you and gained over 30 pounds so far, with a main focus on nutrition like you. Looking forward to gaining another 25 pounds. To all skinny ectomorphs, gaining muscle is not all that hard and certainly not impossible ones you get the basics down. Everybody can do it!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    • Regev Elya


  15. Alexander Waldrop

    This is great info, At 6’3 165lbs had tried everything to gain weight for years and could never put on more than 5 or so before I burned out and lost it all again. Back in february of this year I started the GOMAD diet you spoke of earlier, I didnt incorporate the riptoe starting strength program along with it, to my surprise I gained 20lbs of fat the first month, by mid May I weighed in at 210lbs, so I gained 45lbs in about 10 weeks, but it was all fat, I was super skinny with a giant gut. I stopped GOMAD about a month ago and have already tapered back to about 190lbs, I am going to try your program in conjunction with the GOMAD diet and see if I can actually gain some muscle this go around, thank you a TON for this write up, it is inspiring.

    • Regev Elya

      You’ll see great results. Massive karma points if you give us an update and a nice transformation photo when you’re done.

  16. Johnnie B

    One of the most impressive skinny to muscle transformation I’ve seen. Way to go man!

    • Regev Elya

      Thanks Johnnie!

  17. Bob

    Hi Regev,

    I am in desperate need of some advice.

    I am an extremely skinny 20 year old vegetarian ectomorph who wants to increase my body size and mass. I can eat eggs but not fish or meat.

    I would like to get started as soon as possible to see results quickly but I have no idea what type of diet plan I should use, how many times I should be eating a day (eating so that I’m full atm) or if I should be doing press ups or weight lifting yet.

    My weight is 60 kg.

    Any advice, plan or routine would be very much appreciated.

    I understand being a vegetarian puts me at a disadvantage but surely there is a way around this.

    Bob :)

    • Bob

      Oh and my height is 6,1.

    • Regev Elya

      Sounds to me like you haven’t read the guide, so a good starting point is to actually read it. Eating eggs puts you in a much better position than vegans when it comes to gaining muscle mass – eggs give you an EXCELLENT source of very high quality protein.

      Problem is you’re gonna need a lot of them — unless you fill your diet with enough protein from other sources (see the recommendations I gave to the vegan guy a few comments above).

      I myself eat plenty of eggs a day – my favourite ways are boiling them and dizzying with olive oil, black pepper and salt, and the Israeli Shakshuka (google that). Try changing recipes from time to time so that eating plenty of eggs doesn’t get too boring after a while

      I assume you can also eat dairy? Though not optimal (Casein and lactose being the primary concerns), it can still be incorporated to include a good chunk of your daily protein intake if you can’t eat actual animal flesh. Try full-fat grass-fed milk or yoghurt if you can digest them well enough.

      And use the same workout (heavy-lifting!) guidelines above. You should be doing good.

  18. Brad

    Is it true that a skinny guy transformation is harder to maintain than a more naturally-bulky person?

    • Regev Elya

      There is some truth to that. It is not necessarily hard, but it is definitely harder than for a Bruce Willis/Sylvester Stalone mesomorphic somatotype. Bulky and skinny guys workout routine don’t differ – it’s the nutrition that is harder to maintain for thin dudes. Eating ‘normally’ (= most often not enough for ectomorphs) as a skinny guy will naturally make your body lean towards its natural stature – thin, fragile, narrow and with a low amount of muscle, even when working out. Mesomorphic body types are able to maintain some good muscles without even paying much attention to their diet.

  19. kwaku

    Hello Regev! I used to weigh 49kg at 22 years and height 5’6″. After about 11 months of training my new weight is 64kg. My problem is that my collar bones are still potruding and they still look dangerously sharp. Please can you tell me what I need to do to cover them? thanks.

    • Regev Elya

      Are you on a very low fat percentage? (do you see a very visible set of six packs?), if so – increase your healthy carbs intake and gain some fat. If that’s not the case, it might be a genetic disposition – in which case there might be a cosmetic surgery for.

  20. Indjika

    Thanks a lot for teaching how to gain weight for skinny guys with fast metabolism, but what about girls? i’m a woman in my twenties and I weight about 37kg, do i also need to lift weights?

    • Regev Elya

      Theoretically you can follow the same workout and diet regimen and you’ll be gaining weight. But practically I know most women can’t see themselves going through such an intense and heavy program. Stick to the diet and eat massive amounts of food, and any weight-bearing resistance exercise you can get yourself to do is fine.

      So yeah, eat a lot and get yourself to lift whatever you can (to encourage muscle growth). If you want a great full-body workout with one simple exercise, Google some info on Russian kettlebell swings, it’s so simple you can go buy a kettlebell today and have a great resistance workout in your living room.

  21. Gki

    I’m short and vegan. I’m 24. I plan to start your method to gain weight and muscles.
    One question, i have a protuding belly as though its on a big man. I don’t eat much but belly looks like that. Is it possible to first flatten it before starting your advices? Or shall i start with your advice and it will flatten before gaining weight?

    • Regev Elya

      That’s something a bunch of skinny guys asked me on my Hebrew blog, and I’ll tell you what I told them. You could very well begin the program, eat the healthy diet that I prescribed – and trust biology to do some magic. If you never worked out before, especially not in high intensities, the sudden positive-stress on your body will have a heavy (!) impact on your hormones and metabolism. You can expect to decrease fat percentage in the first month or two (you’ll gain more muscle than fat, so your overall fat percentage will drop), assuming you don’t eat junk and keep your diet as clean as I prescribed.

      That being said, if I were you I’d cut some of this unnecessary fat before starting up the program. How do you do that? cut off all those bagels, breads, sugars, rice etc and eat a diet based on good fats (butter, coconut oil, fatty grass-fed meats, olive oil, almonds, etc), animal-based proteins and veggies. Take two weeks or maybe a month like that, and you should be losing that wheat-belly. If you want to accelerate the process, do some moderate weight lifting. Too intense isn’t adequate since you won’t have enough energy to recover, so I’d say this can be an excellent timeframe to go to the gym, get familiar with the moves and perfect them before you begin the ‘real program’, while still getting metabolic benefits that will help you lose more fat and less muscle in those 2-4 weeks.

      Good luck, and make sure you post your beasty skinny transformation.

  22. Jake

    Hi man,

    I am 17 (6 ft 1 inch, 140 lbs) and have started working out following your plan. I just have a few questions:
    First, I want to make sure that all of the food I am eating is turning into muscle, not fat. This is my food consumption for the day:
    Morning- Bowl of cereal with whole milk, whole banana, fiber bar
    Lunch- Sandwich with 4 slices of turkey, lettuce, mayo, cheese on wheat bread; an orange; a handful of bbq chips (<–not the healthiest), a bag of nuts, and a chocolate milk
    After school- protein bar, some more nuts
    Dinner (this varies)- Chicken breast, rice, green beans, whole milk
    Before bed- Peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread with a glass of whole milk

    Do you think I am eating too much/not the right things? Even though I am following the Starting Strength program, I am worried that all of this food will go to my gut instead of building muscle in my arms, chest, and back.

    I really appreciate a response. Thank you.

    • Regev Elya

      First let me say that if you follow the Starting Strength protocol – you will gain muscle if you eat enough, no matter the quality of your food. From an health perspective your diet is far from being optimal. I recommend taking another look at the nutrition section of this article. Good luck bud.

  23. Callum

    That was a great read. I m 20 yr about 60kg and 5’8”. Even though m skinny i dont believe m an ectomorph. There are days in week when i eat practically nothing. (no m not poor, actually we are pretty rich but a nuclear family) Being a medical student and a single child of working parent, food is the most neglected part in my life. I randomly came across your article and thats enuf motivation i needed to do something for myself. Thanku man, i’ll surely post my transformation.
    Another question-is going to gym a necessity? I hardly find time to make my self an omlet

    • Regev Elya

      See what I replied to Felipe (comment right below yours).

      Golden-karma if you post your muscle transformation here. I’d be happy to see this page turning into a headquarter of skinny to buff transformations images and stories.

  24. Felipe

    I’m 20 years old 6’3 tall and weigh 140 pounds. Your article is very inspiring, I wish I could do what you did. I find it extremely hard and its kind of embarrassing going to the gym and being around all of the guys that are already big.

    • Regev Elya

      If you can’t help it – consider getting some home gym equipment like I did. It’s very comfortable (feels like meditation time, working out alone) and isn’t expensive – especially when you’re thinking long-term. Lots of people asking me how to gain weight for skinny guys like ourselves don’t realise it doesn’t take a fancy gym to get big, or actually any gym at all. Just get yourself some weights, a bar and an adequate squat-friendly bench and you’re set. (See my recommendation in the article)

      Eat much, lift heavy. Get big.

  25. James

    What’s the best weight gainer for skinny guys? I can’t decide because there are so many brands to buy online. And also, can a skiny guy get muscle in 3 months with those weight gainers?

    Thanks Regev

    • Regev Elya

      I personally don’t use and don’t usually recommend buying any of those ‘weight gainers’. If you absolutely can’t force yourself to eat enough, take a look at my guide to making homemade meal replacement shakes.

      And yes, you can get a considerable amount of muscle in 3 months – with or without gainer shakes. You just have to consume enough nutrition.

  26. Mike

    Great job man,,

    I am 26 and 50 kg,, Thanks a lot for the informations u gave us, they r helpful.

    I read everything and i understood what u said but if it possible to give me a good schedule of eating food for the 7 days, that will be terrific.

    thanks again.

    • Regev Elya

      Here’s a simplest (but delicious nonetheless) eating schedule I could come up with:

      Go buy enough organic grass-fed fatty meat of your favourite animal.
      Go buy some root vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes, etc.
      Go buy some fresh spices and herbs to your likings.
      Go buy some veggies and fruits to your likings.

      Take a large cast-iron pot (aka “Poyke pot”) every morning – and put the meats, root vegetables, spices and herbs in the pot. Add some water/wine, salt, pepper. Cover the pot and put in the oven for 2.5 hours for 180 celsius. What you get is a big slow-cooked (aka delicious) stew rich in good proteins, fats, healthy carbs (unlike harmful junk like bread or sugar), vitamins, minerals and other chemicals to boost your system. Put enough of the foods I mentioned and it’s going to be all you need for a whole day (or more, if you wanna keep refrigerated).

      Those fruits and veggies? Eat them as snacks in-between meals.

      Notice that I didn’t mention any calories or amounts. Eat until you’re full (or even exceed that). If you still can’t gain weight – add more. And then some more. Do that for 6 days a week, take a constant day off every week and eat less than half the amount you’re used to (or even fast altogether, good for life extension and avoiding metabolic adaptations because of the high nutrient intake)

      Good caution: the pot is going to stay hot for looooooooooooong hours, especially if you keep it in the oven.
      Bad caution: it’s EXTREMELY hot so be careful.

      Enjoy your food, send me love emails later

      • Semuc

        Hahaha that’s the best weight gain diet plan for skinny guys I’ve ever seen!!

  27. Greg Forster


    Regev, any advice how to gain weight fast for men who were already big in the past and lost all that muscle? I gained a lot of muscle back in my twenties and lost most of it a few years ago. Your article gave me some good motivation to get back to it, how fast would it be to gain all that muscle back?


    • Regev Elya

      Same principles apply for old atrophied lifters, but with the great benefit of being able to reach your previous muscular size much more quickly. It shouldn’t take too long to gain your muscular tone back but I can’t tell you an exact number since I don’t know your previous and your current weight.

  28. hermon

    that was a gr8 thing u wrote but I am 18 and I am about 48kg and I am about to get in college like really soon but I think what u wrote is for the long-term planneres so is there any short way to gain Wight In just 15days plzzz

    • Regev Elya

      You could definitely gain a few noticeable pounds in two weeks (eat like a MONSTER and follow the same routine), but I don’t really understand why you can’t follow it in college. You got food and gyms everywhere these days.

  29. Dan

    Is it possible to gain weight for a skinny guy without any exercise? i don’t have much time on my schedule and I’m really sick of being so thin and boney

    • Regev Elya

      Gaining weight is primarily a function of caloric intake. But exercising will bring the muscle:fat weight gain to a more favourable ratio. So yes, you could definitely gain weight without exercise (even as a skinny guy), but you wouldn’t gain as much muscle as you would under a weight-bearing resistance program, or any exercise at all to be honest.

      To put it simply, under the same diet – a bigger chunk of every 10kg that you’d gain without exercising is going to be fat tissues compared to that same diet under an exercising routine. So if you don’t want to look flabby, go lift some iron.

  30. dave jones

    Hi Ive been training for 3 weeks. not seeing much gains. dont think im training right. how would i be able to widen my waist and also my chest. Just by doing squats and deadlifts, bench press would it be possible to acheive this.

    • Regev Elya

      Why would you want to widen your waist?

      Squats, deadlifts and bench presses alone can get you to a perfect v-taper shape (as much as your genetics allow for). V-taper means narrow waist and wide shoulders – kind of a ‘cobra’ shape, and ladies find very attractive. If that’s what you mean.

      3 weeks are not a lot of time but you should have already seen an increase of a few kilograms at the least. Did you follow the program as I laid? If so, you most probably don’t eat enough. Read the chapter about nutrition and fix your diet accordingly.

      • gson

        Indeed ur story is touchin, I am goin to giv it a try, cus I want to luk lyk ur pic at the bottom, tanks bro.

  31. Lok

    Thanks a lot! But is it enough to just follow the program and there’s no need to do other exercises like abs or any other? Thank you Regev.

    • Regev Elya

      No need at all. Do this program, fight temptation and don’t add a damn thing, not even a single exercise.

  32. Alicia

    I learned a lot from your personal story And about my body which is also ectomorph , can I still follow these great guildlines eventhough I am a female?

    • Regev Elya

      Yes you can.
      Bonus side effect: all those squats and deadlifts are going to give you a nice juicy waist-to-hips ratio.

  33. John


    Congratulations on your gains. You are truly an inspiration.

    I am currently 23 years old and weigh 137 lbs. I’ve been skinny my entire life and have tried gaining weight on multiple occasions and have never had much luck.

    I’d like to hear about how you approached alcohol consumption while you were on your plan. I’m a heavy drinker on the weekends and am curious if I can continue this and still achieve your results. Does alcohol completely prevent an ectomorph from gaining weight? (I also find it bizarre that alcohol has NEVER caused me to gain weight).

    I’d appreciate it if you could talk about some of this stuff.

    Thanks man.

    • Regev Elya

      To be honest, I was never a heavy drinker.

      Besides the obvious reasons, I don’t recommend *heavy* alcohol consumption for lifters because it decreases testosterone levels, dehydrates your muscles, stunts anabolic activity and muscle growth and puts an ugly layer of blubbery around your waist.

      That being said, you can still gain tremendous amounts of muscle while drinking heavy – especially if its only on weekends. It shouldn’t be *too much* of an issue when it comes to building muscle, but you’ll still do better doing some thinking and moderating your intake as much as you can.

  34. Thank you for these. I learned a lot.

    I started lifting before, but all it did was make me slimmer than I already am. so I stopped..
    Now I cant seem to gain wait even though I eat tons of veggies and meats. But I will try your suggestions stated above :)
    But before I start, I just wanted to ask;

    will smoking and drinking affect my muscle growth? (I’m not a hard drinker though, about 2-4 bottles of beer, every other weekend, and I smoke a half pack everyday.)

    Also I work as a call center in the Philippines, so its graveyard shift; I sleep around 4am and wake up 1pm so thats 8-9 hours of sleep, daily is that enough?

    And finally, is it advisable to do the work out after work? or before work? (though I prefer after work cause dont want to look sleepy during dialing hours, want to hear your suggestion )


    • Regev Elya

      See my reply to the comment right above yours. You intuitively know to avoid alcohol and smoking if you want to ***optimize*** your health, regardless of increasing muscle mass. And 8-9 hours of sleep is right on spot for most human beings.

      Guys, focus on the BIG picture – lifting heavy and increasing workload progressively, eating tons of good food and getting enough sleep. If you can make those happen, you will get big – no matter if you drink, smoke, exercise before/after work or have sex with donkeys.

      • Jethro

        Thank you! :)

  35. kenny

    Your progression is truly inspiring, I’m 17 and 5’4 and weigh 112 right now, ive been trying to gain a lot of weight all my life but I slowly progress, I train muay Thai often, I’ve been training for a little over 2 years, but I’m confident in my striking and I honestly hit really hard, especially for my size, ( I’m not trying to brag I just want more skinny people to be aware than being skinny isn’t entirely being weak) I feel like I have 1 hit k.o power. Thank u God, please help the world become better and help me gain weight too, I need to dedicated to eating more and in a good way, sometimes I loose my appetite because of stress. I will write about my progress in a few months, hopefully we all improve!!

    • Regev Elya

      That’s great Kenny! Remember that all other things being equal, more muscle mass equals more strength. Strengthening your muscular skeleton will give you better balance, durability and force. It will dramatically improve your martial arts. If you’re trying to stay under a particular weight category, you can limit your food intake and just increase working weights to build more strength. And do share your improvements, i’m sure everyone here will appreciate that.

  36. Charles

    How do I go from skinny to muscular if my genetics don’t allow this? been trying to gain muscle mass for ageeeees but i always figured my DNA is just thin

    • Regev Elya

      We’re all skinny by nature here. And yes, it’s noticeably harder for us to gain muscle. But that’s no excuse for inaction.

      You can’t control the cards you’ve been dealt with when you were born, but you can still maximize your chances for success by playing them well. And that means eating more and lifting heavy.

  37. Rondo

    Hey i was wondering how much do i add to the warmup sets every session?

    • Regev Elya

      The warmup sets are a function of the sets themselves, remember that we measure them by an absolute percentage of the total working weight.

      So for example let’s assume I’m doing a 100kg squat – my first 2 warmup sets are going to be 5 reps of an empty bar, and then one set of about 40-45kg, followed by a set of 3 reps of 60-65 and a final warmup set of 2 reps with 80-85kg. If i would be doing 200kg squat – the warmup sets would be exactly double what they are. So you always calculate them based on the working weight.

  38. Rahul

    Hey Regav,thanx 4 the work u do…but I need 2 ask u a question….I am an indian that can’t eat beef so dat will stop me 4rm gainin pounds…I am 50KG and 14 year old male nd I hve access 2 a 3KG dumbell but sadly cnt go 2 gym yet cn u plz help me pick up some pounds to gain muscle

    • Regev Elya

      You don’t need beef to gain muscle mass. Any flesh of any animal would do the trick. Chicken, pork, seafood, eggs, it’s all good protein. One 3kg dumbbell won’t do much, you need heavy weights and you need to increase the workload progressively if you want to gain any noticeable amount of muscle. If you can’t afford a gym right now, try to find a creative temporary solution and work around it. Carry huge rocks in your yard. Fill a big sack with rice (which can be a great option, since you can weigh it and increase the weight progressively). It might not be as comfortable as a barbell and weights, but it’s MUCH better than nothing.

  39. Rahul

    Lyk if possible exercises that I can do at home…and I can all meats except beef but I dnno da quantity of meat I shud eat to pick up weight…nd I hve a HIGH metabolism

    • Regev Elya

      Read the guide again.

  40. Saloni Modh

    i just read your article and was really really impressed by the determination with which you actually gained soo much of weight..even i am trying the same but m really fed up now…i am 5 feet 9 inch tall weighing 50kgs…extremly thin and i havnt got a proper diet program for growing healthy.
    I would be really thankfull if u help me out with this terrible problem of mine..
    Thank you so much!tc

    • Regev Elya

      EVERYTHING you need is right there on the guide. There’s nothing else you need. Read it, understand the concepts and go apply them in the kitchen and the gym.

  41. Robi

    Hello there, I’m 18 years old, ~1.83m height and ~56kg weight. Very similar parameters to you when you were 18 years old. I’m really, really skinny. My arms are so skinny, legs too and rest. Seems like my bones are extremely thin and small. My bones aren’t getting bigger since age of 12, 13. I’m afraid that they will not grow bigger/heavier ever. Is there any things that I can do at home to make my body bigger/heavier, because I haven’t got any oppurtunity to go traning at the gym, and I don’t wany it at the moment. I’m desperatly sad, help. :(

    • Regev Elya

      It’s extremely unlikely that your bone structure is going to change if you’re 18 now. I don’t understand why you don’t want to go to the gym? If you have the possibility, it’s worth its weight (!) in gold. If you absolutely can’t go – try to emulate the exercises I laid in your home using whatever equipment you have. Perhaps buy a kettlebell? You might also want to consider preparing an homemade T-handle Russian style kettlebell (See the end of the guide, there’s a link there). It’s a great tool to have at home to perform complex heavy exercises. And whatever you do, remember that eating a ton is the most important part.

  42. Malhat

    You are inspiration for me. I am 18 years old and I am skinny too. I have joined Gym. Your instructions and Guidelines are Awesome. Hope You will have Healthy life forever.. Thank youuuu !!

    • Regev Elya

      My pleasure Malhat, good luck!

  43. anthony

    hi great inspiration.

    I am having trouble consuming so much food in different intervals,however I am follwing your plan of action.

    Would there be any supplements out in the market to balance the metabolism as well,like to stabalise the rate of metabolism because mine is really high,I weigh only 50 and my age is 26

    Pls advise..

    • Regev Elya

      Follow the guide and you’ll gain weight.

      If you have some abnormal metabolism issues (hyperthyroid?), you might need to seek professional medical help. I can safely say that for ‘regular’ skinny guys with fast metabolism, this guide is more then enough to pack on massive amounts of muscle in very minimal time compared to what the average guy achieves in the gym.

      Yes, you can eliminate some foods that enhance metabolism (coffee?) but you’ll have to remember that some of them has other benefits that apply to weightlifting and muscle building just as well (coffee for example can help you work out a little harder by reducing your perception of muscular pain). But this is all small stuff. Focus on the big picture and eat a TON. Lift heavy. Rest. Repeat.

  44. Jelle

    Hey, just read your article planning on gaining weight for a long time now… I am 180 cm and 49 Kg so I guess it will be very tough. Do you have some extra tips since you where 55 kg and 181 cm when you started, I am 18 at the moment.

    Thanks, Jelle.

    • Regev

      You don’t need any extra tips. Just follow the steps as listed and you’ll gain massive amounts of muscle.

  45. Christian Huerta

    Your story have gave me hope to gaining weight and muscle. I want to gain weight cause I kinda get pick on of being skinny. I be hoping that I will have muscle by the time of my second year of college. Also I want to gain weight to the get the hot ladies.

    • Regev Elya


      No one will treat you bad if you don’t let them.
      And from experience I can tell you that hot ladies go where confidence is. Getting bigger and stronger will help you get laid not necessarily because you’re big and strong but because of the psychological outcomes of perceiving yourself to be more attractive. You will walk with an air of confidence, and that air will attract girls to your life. But you can achieve that without even working out.

  46. Talha

    hey i am Talha frm India..i hav been workin out frm the past 6 mnths and i have gained around 10 kgs..i started at 50 nd nw i hav crossed 61..The problem is frm the past one month i am not able to gain as per my previous speed..infact my weight has only increased frm 61 to 61.2 and also if i cheat on my diet fr a day it goes to 59..plz help why is my weight gain stopped???

    • Regev Elya

      You should first see if you eat enough. You should obviously increase your food intake along with your muscle and strength growth if you want to keep adding muscle mass to your frame. What you should also do, is cut your calories by HALF or less (even fast for a whole day if you can) once every two weeks or so. I’ve mentioned this in the article. It will help your metabolism to avoid adapting to the high amount of calories and keep growing in the rest of the days.

      • Talha

        I increased my diet and also I am eating 8 boiled whole eggs…now I am gaining faster I have put on 4 kgs in the last month…so thank you for the advice it really helped…Also I’m worried that will consuming 8 to 10 eggs a day would cause any problem?

  47. marianne

    I need this type of inspiration. I’m a 35 yr old female, 5 ‘ 4″ and currently 44 kg need to be 49/50kg to qualify for ivf , self diagnosed ectomorph and gave up smoking 20 days ago … still not seen or felt a change in appetite , taste or smell feeling very frustrated and defeated and had lost hope, going to return to the gym for the more heavier humans to stare at me again lol and try again feeling enthused by your article so thankyou for sharing

    • Regev Elya

      My pleasure.
      Go lift some weights, eat a TON and you’ll grow beautifully. There’s no other way.

  48. Raúl Bártolo

    I’m 17 years old and I’m 1.65 tal and weigh 50kg.
    I’ve been to gyms, usually go running every week and nothing seems to work I can’t really gain any weight.
    I was wondering if it is possible, using the information on your website and doing calisthenics exercises (that way I won’t need to go to the gym) getting good results like you did.
    Thanks a lot

    Sry for the english

    • Regev Elya

      If I had to guess, I’d say you didn’t gain weight because you weren’t eating enough. And you are very limited with calisthenics exercises that rely on body weight only. You’d need to add some resistance and progressively increase your working weight if you wanna gain any noticeable amount of muscle mass, and it’s gonna be a little tough and hard to measure with calisthenics exercises. It will be much more comfortable, accurate and easy to just join a gym. Follow my blueprint and I promise you’ll gain weight.

      • Raúl Bártolo

        Ok, I’m gonna follow your advice and hopefully get BIGGER! xD, Probably not eating enough was a limitating factor. It means a lot for me your help. Thanks!

        • Regev Elya

          Anytime bud, good luck.

  49. Moe

    excellent Article, exactly what I was looking for.
    Quick question though: I’m looking to buy a bench, how do I know if it can handle squats and military presses?
    Probably a stupid question, but I’m totally new to this stuff and couldn’t find anything on how to do squats with a bench.

    • Regev Elya

      If the bench has back handles.. well, it can handle squats and presses. Try to look for something similar to what I used (see a photo in the article).

      • Moe

        Thanks for your quick reply.
        So I guess this one will do nicely?
        Do you do your military presses standing up or sitting down? Traditionally, they seem to be done standing up but some people apparently do them while sitting (if that can even be considered a MP?).

        • Regev Elya

          This one will work, just be careful and make sure the ground is flat, otherwise the bar might roll off the handles. Ideally the handles should he structured in a way that prevents the bar from rolling off – like the lower handles in your pic.

          I do my shoulder presses standing up so I can recruit more force through the lower body and even put some workload on it as a stabiliser, and more importantly: to put less strain on the back spine. There’s no reason to shoulder press sitting down unless your legs are handicapped.

  50. jackson

    Hi! Very inspiring and motivating!,…i reckon im in the exact category as u are. My life links completely to how u were, i am 18 now, and was about to give up hope for gaining weight,…i thought bone size could not be increased after 18, is that true? As my bones need to grow before i can acomodate more muscle and fat??,

    • Regev Elya

      You’re extremely unlikely to change your bone structure at that age. Regardless, weight lifting can only work in your favour. Even if you’re looking to build muscle and gain weight for skinny guys still in their mid teen ages – lifting heavy weights will increase the amount of anabolic hormones produced and result in more muscle cells as their body keep developing, limited of course by genetic cap. In short: don’t wait, start lifting.

      • jackson

        Thanks for the Quick reply! …So does that mean that every individual will then have a certain maximum amount of muscle that he/she can have? Since muscle is attached to bone ? (So if size of bone is less muscle holding capacity is less)?,….and r this pictures at thr begining really u at 18!?

        • Regev Elya

          Every individual has a genetic cap, yes. And yes, thin bones are very often a primary indicator of an ectomorphic somatotype that is basically a tissue hardgainer. And the picture is indeed me :) Taken in a vacation resort right before I was recruited to the military.

  51. sahil

    Thnk yu sir for the valuable information

    • Regev Elya

      anytime bud

  52. ADE DIO

    Could you make me an detailed list of your typical day 3 meal with food’s quantities in kilograms? I understand everything and i’m reallly motivated to start eating more but i can’t figure out the specifical quantities. Please help me (sorry for bad english)

    • Regev Elya

      You don’t need to figure out specific quantities. Begin with something that closely resemble the nutritional guidelines I laid, and if you don’t gain weight – just add more of those foods. It should look like 3 big meals a day each consisting of a piece of animal protein, good starch (sweet potato, yams, even white rice), fats (avocado, nuts, olives, butter, coconut, etc) and lots of veggies. Add a fruit here and there in between meals if you’re still hungry. Still don’t gain weight? Increase the meal size.

  53. Archith

    Thx a lot 4 the advice bcoz of ur advice I managed 2 pick up 1 kg in about 2 weeks.
    But i hve a question on hw much weights I shud lift.
    My height is 171 cm
    My Age is 14
    Which weights do u think will suit my age.

    • Regev Elya

      It doesn’t matter what I think – it matters what you can physically lift. Follow the exercise guidelines to find your starting working weights. And always remember – it’s always better to begin with a little less than a little more.

  54. nahum

    hello Sir;
    First i would love to thank you for shareing this tip.
    I am skinny 6’1″ & 63 killo.but i had started to work out even if i didnt take it that seriously my friends told me that they saw a lot of change but i stoped it …does it mean that i have to eat more and work harder than ever to get big??

    • Regev Elya

      I don’t quite understand your question. Why’d you stop? If it’s because you stopped gaining weight (fat or muscle) – then you most probably didn’t eat enough.

  55. Jake

    Hi there
    Was wondering if protein shakes or any sort of supplements would aid in the progress?

    • Regev Elya

      Isolated, denatured whey protein powder can definitely help – especially if you can’t reach enough of a daily protein intake. If you prefer solid foods and get yourself to eat enough protein, you can manage perfectly well without it. My advice to every skinny guy on his journey to gain weight: focus on the big picture: eat a lot of good foods, lift heavy and increase workload progressively and have enough rest. Focus on those three, and you’ll be a sexy beast before you know it.

      • jake

        I gues iv gathered all the info i need to become that person!! Thanks allot!!

  56. Sean

    Challenge accepted. I’m 6’1″ and weigh approximately 130lbs. Thanx for the tips, encouragement, and inspiration!

    • Regev Elya

      Anytime John,
      Extra love points if you show your transformation here when you feel comfortable with the results

  57. John Caballero

    What an insipring story! thanks a lot for this! I’d better get going ;D

    • Regev Elya

      Good luck John, bring some transformation photos!

  58. suzan

    SOS: In short, my son is now 19. He had leukemia when he was 6, came out fine, but small putity gland, resulting in hormone deficencies, which are all treated. His lowest count is testerone. Around 14, should be high 30’s. He wants “that body” he is very the whole Dr scene. He was overweight for a while, eats around 800 calories a day to lose the weight, which he has, but heavy still on the boobs and tummy, back fat. Rest is slim. Last 12 months, gym every day, good diet, protein, right stuff. BUT, getting no where. Arms slightly bigger, he is losing heart, seeing new members come into the gym and few months later, lifting heavier and looking great. My question, if you can help, do you know anyone that has had a similar condition, how did they do it, increase their testerone, as i think that is holding him back. Drs can help if the count goes below 9! SOS

    • Regev Elya

      Your son is in a special condition, and thus should be trained in a more specialized way. First, he should not – under any circumstance – consume only 800 calories a day. That’s insane and will only hurt his testosterone levels even more. And if he loses weight – he is going to lose a lot of muscle tissues along with fat on a caloric deficit so large. A daily visit to the gym is a bad idea too and it’s too much even for people with a normal pituitary gland. Your son can’t produce enough anabolic growth hormones to sustain that volume of training, and if anything – he should train LESS than more. Growth happens when you recover, not when you train. Your son is going to need a lot of recover in-between workouts.

      What I would suggest – put him on a HIGH calorie diet but optimized with foods that are going to improve his hormonal profile. And in fact this diet is exactly what I prescribe here in the guide. Your son should focus mainly on consuming large amounts of very fatty, high-protein animal products: mainly eggs and fatty meats. The high levels of saturated fats and cholesterol are going to vastly improve his testosterone levels. Also make sure he gets enough vitamin D (sun exposure if you’re living in a sunny area). His training should be heavy but very infrequent. I would suggest an HIT (High Intensity Training) protocol perhaps, but with workouts even more distant from each other to give his delicate body enough time for recovery. Tell him to get out of the gym now for a few weeks to make sure he begins from ground zero (= not overtrained), and then start lifting heavy ONCE A WEEK – for no more than 15 minutes. He needs to do one or two complex movements (bench press & squats / shoulder press & rows / etc) and go with them all the way to complete failure, go rest for a week – and then come back and do the same thing with a little higher weights.

      It is too much for a comment so go google “HIT training”. That being said, he can also get away pretty well by doing the exact program I laid in this guide. He just needs to be very vigilant for not overtraining himself – his lack of proper anabolic hormones will make it longer for him to recover in-between workouts and gain mass.

      Overall, this is my main advice:

      1. VASTLY increase his caloric intake with fatty foods: more eggs, more fatty meats, more full-fat yoghurts if he’s good with dairy, more coconut oil and avocados and fatty fish. Tell him to consume a good amount of carbs too – but from sweet potatoes and yams and vegetables rather than bread or soy which all hurt testosterone levels. Aim for more than 3,000 calories a day. Don’t worry about his body fat – by ditching all those sugars and cheap bread he’s going to minimize his fat, regardless of the high caloric content. Working out will help funnel all those good foods into building muscle tissues and optimizing hormonal levels as much as possible in the shadow of his damaged gland.

      2. Tell him to work out LESS, not more. Either the program form this guide (Starting Strength) or HIT-style training – but he should work out once or twice a week MAX. Low T and growth hormone levels are going to hurt his recovery rates so he needs to work out less.

      For extra hormonal polish, tell him to get sun exposure and get a good constant sleep every night (preferably in a pitch-black environment without artificial lights, and a natural rise if possible).

      This should vastly improve his hormonal profile.

      • suzan

        Wow, thank thank thank you so much, I will pass this on, thank you for really taking the time to answer me back, and what a lovely caring person you are. Thank you

  59. Rakesh

    How to gain weight for skinny guys from India? it seems to me that our body type is naturally more thin than americans for example. Does your advice work on people like us?

    • Regev Elya

      In my experience, Asians are indeed more ‘ectomorphic’ than most western countries. And though you might have a lower genetic cap and a worse starting point (like me, remind you), the advice here is surely to maximize your genetic potential and build the best version of you from the building blocks that you have. In other words: you might not end up like Jay Cutler or Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you can expect to end up with a good-looking athletic build, regardless of your DNA. (unless of course, you have some rare mutation or something)

  60. Karan

    Hii brother, you are a very good advicer… I have a problem here.. i am 18 years old boy, i am 5’6 only but my father and grandfather is above 6′ so it is not problem of genetics… i want to grow my height. can you give me some advice…? i will be very thankful to you for this.

    • Regev Elya

      Whatever the genetic potential for your height is, weightlifting can, on theory, help get you closer to it, because of the production of anabolic hormones through. Though I doubt it can make any noticeable difference, let alone at your biologically ripe age.

  61. Richard Jay

    Thanks for your site and taking time out to help others. Great job!
    My main problem has been starting. Whenever I have tried a plan I am in pain for the next week
    and never go back.

    Any tips on reducing the aches after a workout?

    • Regev Elya

      Good question.

      If I were you, i’d try to cool down after a workout. Go for a light walk or jog, perhaps even stretch a little. When I think about it, you can incorporate this process organically into your training routine by just walking to and from the gym. Whatever you do, keep it light until you feel that your heart rate relaxed. Also, consider cold water thermogenesis, which basically means immersing in a cold shower, it seems to alleviate the painful soreness and speed up recovery by restoring muscle contractile function and force production. You can even go nuts if you have the guts (heh) – and drown your soreness in an ice tub.

  62. James

    What would a normaly week be for you. Nutrition.

    im 64 kg and have been dreaming to get bigger and stronger and in the end ripped. My girlfriend is hot, hot, hot and I feel like im letting her down with my body. I mean we do love each other and my body isent thin thin or bonelike. It just isent what I would like. I want to gain muscle and mass. Ive read your guide and im starting it soon. Dont really know why im sending you this tho. Maybe just some real advice up front would help me.

    From Norway
    – James

    • Regev Elya

      My normal week, when gaining mass, is basically eating a shit-ton amount of the right kind of foods: vegetable, fatty meats, eggs, lots of avocado and spices, sweet potatoes and other kinds of root vegetables which are a very good source of carb when trying to gain muscle mass. I now also eat yoghurt with garlic after meals, I adopted this habit last year when I went to visit the centenarians of the Caucasus. I have no clue how many calories I consume though, and I expect it to be somewhere in the 3000-4000 region, when I gain mass. I suggest for you to re-read the nutritional section in the guide and internalize the concepts. Just eat a ton of the right foods, exercise heavy, and in a few months you will look different. Feel different. A whole new perspective on the world will emerge. Much more positive. Much more productive, and it will affect every area of your life to the better. Good luck.

      P.s – you should have the best, fattiest, wildest kind of Salmon in the world over there in Norway. It’s an amazing source of nutrients you should capitalize on.

  63. chello sarbu

    Hello sir….im chello sarbu…m 22 years old having 5.5 inch…my weight is 52 kg….my problem is i cant eat much or say vry little…what should i do to eat tones..plz suggest

    • Regev Elya

      Gradually increase your appetite. You see, your stomach is elastic and will adapt to the amounts of food you put in.If you can’t introduce more food to your diet, consider preparing liquid homemade meal replacement shakes.

  64. Kevin

    Thanx for da article bravo…..therz jus one problem…I dnt hv appetite and that just affects the whole proceedure and steps that I must follow, so what solution is there for this one? Really out of things to attempt$

    • Regev Elya

      The question to ask yourself is this: Why don’t you have an appetite?
      If you work out hard enough, your body should naturally encourage you to eat a lot. If you still find it hard, perhaps an homemade meal replacement shake can do the trick for you. Keep in mind that the stomach is elastic, and if you slowly increase your daily intake, it will naturally stretch so you’ll actually become more hungry over time.

  65. asianman

    Hi, i want to train at home but idont have any gym equipment. Can you suggest things at home to do squat, chin ups, and more?

    • Regev Elya

      When I was confined in the military, I used to tie two bags of rocks to a broom and squat with it. Be creative and you’ll find a solution.

  66. Nick

    I am going to follow this guide and try to follow in your footsteps. Weighing 55kg at 18 and 5ft7 I have a long way to go but I’ll give it my all

    • Regev Elya

      Give it your best shot, Nick. You’ll soon be a beast.

  67. Muhammad Arslan

    my height is 5’6″ and i am a hard gainer and a regular basketball player which involves playing hard daily for about 2 hours, i eat like crazy and my weight stays around 46-48kg never crossed it, 2 months ago i stopped playing basketball and hit the gym, now my weight is 51 kgs but i want it to increase more in the next 2-3 months so i can really see a difference that is noticeable

    • Regev Elya

      Follow the guide and everything will work itself out. It’s inevitable.

  68. vineet

    hey Regev,
    need some suggestions bro about my diet. i’m 5’7 weighing 55 and age of 20. my problem is i cant intake much of protein as much needed so can u suggest if taking any supplement for protein like WHEY protein would be beneficial or not?

    • Regev Elya

      Why don’t you just eat enough protein? You don’t need a lot if you’re weight is only 55kg. If for whatever reason you can’t, a whey protein can be very useful for you.

  69. john

    Hi, is it possible I could contact you via emai. I’m bassicly a skinny kid going into the Army after highschool.

    • Regev Elya

      Ask your questions here, I answer the comments much faster.

  70. great and very inspiring regev and it’s only 18 month apart!

    i also did full body workout like you (SL 5×5) and start to see massive gains, but still not as fast as your progress. At first i gain muscle and some fat too, after that i start count my calorie intake for the first time and do clean bulk. Additionally I’ve have already tossed out my scales, seeing my progress much clearer by taking before and after pictures.

    and lastly, i can relate to your story on “how I turned from a skinny geek to somebody who bangs hot chicks all around the world”. it’s never been easier for me to get girl’s phone number since i’ve packed more muscle.

    Again, thank you for the tips, encouragement, and inspiration!

    • Regev Elya

      Cheers Brad! Anytime.


    im from india… i just started this this is vry emotional for me im trying my best i want to grow… i gain 2kg in 4 weeks little problm of constipatn due to increased over eating .. i want to know how much to eat on OFF day explain more on a day in which we will eat less for metabolism…. i will cmnt again after i grow n change my life.. i just put a dwen johnson poster in my bedroom..

    • Regev Elya

      Good luck The Indian Rock! Share your photos later, always nice to see.

  72. simon divine

    I like it all

    • Regev Elya

      I like you too

  73. I am using a herbal formula testosterone booster containing ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, gokshura, Chlorophytum borivilianum. I find fascinating the idea of herbs working together in synergy, my mood is better and I have great stamina and energy to get my work done and to make my wife happy

    • Regev Elya

      happy wife, happy life

  74. Aniket

    Hey dude some amazing writing there. Truely an inspiration.
    I am 19 years old and weight 62 kgs.height 6’1″ . I started working out 6 months ago when I was 56 kgs. My beginning workout schedule was Alternate upper body and lower body. I continued this for 3 months . Got great results as I gained 6-8 kgs of weight. Then as everyone in my gym does I started the isolation workout schedule. I am continuing this workout for 3 months now and haven’t gained a single Kilo of weight since. Muscles have shaped a bit but now growth.
    At this point I have realised I got to change my workout. So now the question, should I go for compound excersises of 5×5 exercise. Also what do you suggest from your end.
    Thank you

    • indian rock

      hey aniket im frm nashik here.. tell me have u taken any whey protain or mass gainer plz tell me wat u change in ur diat

    • Regev Elya

      As long as you’re not on steroids, I’d suggest moving to a full body workout routine. Try SS first, and see if you can advance and increase weights EVERY WORKOUT. If not, then you might already be advanced, and the 5×5 of Bill Starr may be the better choice for you.

  75. Hi, great inspiring story for a skinny guy like myself.

    Ok so I’m 20, 5-10, and about 135lbs ish last time I checked the scale a few months back. Also I have a low body mass index or something like that, like a how small percent of fat.

    So what I want to know is do I need to gain some fat then try and get muscle afterwards? Also my back is always hurting or sore is because I don’t have a strong core or I need to work out more in general?


    • Regev Elya

      You should focus on building strength and eating a lot. This combo will inevitably increase your muscle mass, and you’ll also gain some fat too. When you gain mass, it’s almost always a combination of fat and muscle. Eat clean (and A LOT), exercise the way I describe, and you’ll maximize the muscle to fat ratio.

      If your back is in pain, it may be because you should be teaching yourself the proper techniques. You may also be trying to lift a weight too heavy for your current state. Obviously I can’t know, so you’ll have to check this out. Don’t kill yourself.

  76. Mirco Soru

    hi i can you a question.. about workout.. my real problem is that i haven’t strength ..i begin but soon i haven’t not strength

    i want workout but i haven’t energy … if i do relax i have energy .. but i think if i realx much i don’t grow muscle.. or i wrong.

    i want train with pyramid reverse … or i wrong? thank

    • Regev Elya

      If you don’t have energy – you may not be eating / resting enough. Or maybe you’re lazy. Either way – follow the program and you will grow.

  77. Ali Kork

    I just saw your blog and must say im impressed!
    Im writing all of this cause youve been where i am now(being skinny of course) and you totally know how to inspire skinny guys, make ’em get up and take action like i did.
    I recently quit my job. I made a huge decision of changing my life and i’d like to move on my life as a different, bigger, better and more disciplined person. I believe that if i will be able to keep this hard routine i am gonna be a more disciplined man than i already am today.
    If you share a 3 months beginner workout and diet program with me that would be great and great start up for me.

    • Regev Elya

      That’s great Ali. But if you read the guide again, you’ll see that there’s a very clear workout program and diet guidelines. I’m not sure further elaboration is needed.

  78. Vivek Sharma

    I am a skinny guy of 180 cm of just 54 kg. I m really upset with my body. i lost my confident to become a health guy like others. Because i thought i will always remain same in future,it is in my genes to be thin.
    Now you r only my last hope. please give me a very useful tips to become a fit personality.

    • Regev Elya

      My only tip: read the guide.

  79. Jim-bob

    I am currently on the starting strength novice program. Gained approx. 18 pounds so far, eating mostly vegan!
    I have a question about the Chin-ups and pull-ups:

    “Chin-ups: 3 sets to failure (add weight if completing more than 15 reps)”
    Do you mean add weight if completing more than 5+5+5, or do you mean if completing more than 15 reps in the first set? (Like 16+14+12 or something like that)

    Thank you for the motivation your text provided.

    • Regev Elya

      I meant that if you are able to perform the first set with more than 15 reps, you should be adding some weight (like tying up a plate between your legs).

  80. kendall

    im 17 5’9 in height 59 kg –
    and a first year in a maritime academy our diet is strictly in maximum of two cups of white rice every meal
    is their any posible ways i could gain some weights even though our cook sucks at selecting food such as your advice in
    this article,
    i am really hoping to gain some pounds , because my gf sisters always say that i’m thin
    so i want to make her feel sorry after i bulk up like you!
    hope for your kind consideration on the spelling this message was in a hurry because if i got caught using internet i get punished! thank you Regev for this article im really hoping i van have a body like yours someday!

    please reply thank you!

    • Regev Elya

      Not sure I understand. Do they let you eat ONLY two cups of white rice a day? You’ll become sick quickly if that’s the case, so I suppose not. Anyway, you are not obligated to eat healthy to gain mass. So even if their diet is far from optimal, as long as they give you enough food you can still gain massive amounts of muscle mass.

  81. David schon

    Wow to be honest I’ve never seen a web page like this. It’s brutally honest, well written and easy to understand. I’m 24, 5,6 and a 140 pounds. I’ve been trying many workouts for about two years now but none of them addressed the fact that my metabolism is so high. I can’t wait to try out your advice… Thanx for some hope!

    • Regev Elya

      Anytime David!

      * ps +100 love points to anyone posting transformation photos

  82. Jesh

    You’re truly an inspiration man!

    I have a question though. For the alternating between bench press and military press, is it done as 1 set of bench 1 set of military press 1 set of bench press or are we supposed to alternate between different work out days.

    I’ve tried lifting before and gave up because the eating became too much for me to handle.

    I’m going to give it another shot and this time I got a squat rack at home so there’s no more excuses of not going to the gym.

    Thanks for giving me hope again!

    • Regev Elya

      Thank you Jesh,
      Bench/Military are alternated in DAYS, not workouts. The movements are actually pretty similar biomechanically (vertical vs. horizontal press), so many of the same muscles work in both. This means you want to include only one upper body press in any workout.

  83. Andrisu

    I wanted to ask, which day in a week do you cut your calories by half or more?

    • Regev Elya

      It doesn’t matter. Just keep it consistent.

  84. Abraham

    Hey. I’m 23(going to be 24 soon). And a real thin guy 65-67kgs I guess. I wish to gain weight but the thing is that whenever I start working out I do it for some days then I eventually stop.( And one guy recommended me to start with just 5kgs each of dumbbells.) I install apps like fitocracy and bodybuilding thinking that they’ll help me but few days after I uninstall them cause I really don’t follow them. I thought of setting up a home gym but then thought what if do/perform some exercise wrong or something. So I thought that I should join a gym. But right now, I’m neither in a gym nor working out by myself. Only fed up of my physique which does not allow me to buy the motorbikes that I’d like to ride cause there too heavy for me. I hope you can understand my situation. Please suggest me something.

    • Regev Elya

      Unfortunately, I can’t the do heavy lifting (heh) for you. You’ll have to get out there and lift heavy. There’s no way around. Read the guide, implement the knowledge, and you’ll soon be able to handle a badass Harley Davidson.

  85. James


    I understand the gym part but harder with the food.

    What would a normal week or diet “food” be for you if you were 60-70kg male.
    About how much, what would you eat? Cant have chicken every week. -.-”

    Ive recommended this program to atleast 3 friends.

  86. Hassan

    Hey Regev,

    I’m a 15-year-old male and want to gain muscle. I’m 5’3″ and 92 lbs (basically anorexic).

    I read your post on muscle building for skinny guys and loved the diet part of it. I’ve started eating 2500+ cals a day and now want to start working out. The workout part of your post was a little difficult for me to understand as a complete noob (I’ve never done any sorts of workouts before, ever).

    I was wondering if the Starting Strength workout routine would work for me. I’ve heard that almost anything would work for a beginner like me, but I want to confirm before I just start following it blindly. What made you choose the Starting Strength routine as opposed to other routines such as Strong Lifts or Ice Cream Fitness?

    Also, I don’t have access to a gym so would the SS workouts be possible for me to do at home with the basic equipment?


  87. Daniel

    I want to buy your new book, when the book will be ready to sending to me?
    Also, how many pages the book contains?

  88. Alexandre

    Hey there, I’ve read your article and wow this really motivated me to try to eat more and I have finally hit the gym. Though nutrition will probably be the hardest part for me. I’m 18 years old, 6ft1 and weigh around 145 pounds so I imagine you have an idea on how skinny I am. What I was really wondering is if you found a way to slow down your metabolism, I was reading the half calories and protein intake part and I am not sure if it’s about that (English isn’t my first language) and at what point have you started seeing significant physical changes?

    Thank you very much, you really inspire me and I truly believe this will work for me.

  89. jason

    I loved reading this. I can really relate to this. I’ve been trying to pass 11.7 St for two years and can do it. Bring on the food. So thanks can’t wait for the book.

  90. John

    I have started your program and have put on 8-10 lbs relatively quickly. My concern is that my stomach seems to be getting bigger quicker than all my muscles due to all the eating. Do I need to be doing ab workouts regularly? Or will my muscles eventually catch up?

  91. Warren

    Awesome Article, will be giving this a go, I tried GOMAD and had fair results, followed a diet similar to yours and trained from home, I am 6ft3, I went from 145 pounds – 165 pounds in 12 weeks, I used a few supplements and drank a whey shake in between meals or after workouts.

    I lost my appetite and am currently at 154 pounds and I stopped training at home, the garage I used was unavailable to me. I signed a contract with a gym this morning and I will be following your program now.

    I have read the comments but wanted to ask you if you would suggest I still drink the whey inbetween, and the use of a prework out, creatine, BCAAs and HGH? All of which I had purchased at the fitness store just before I stopped working out. Is there any benefit to adding these things?

    And finally what are your views on juicers?

    Thanks for the article every skinnyman needs to read! Your transformation is absolutely incredible, congrats on leaving the skinnyman club!! I am inspired by the read

  92. Adrian

    Hey, I’m 18 years old, 5’8, and weigh 120 lbs!! I’ve read your article and I loved it. My only question is, was any supplements involved at all? I hope not because I’m not good at all with keeping up with doing that.
    But I’m going to dedicate myself to this article and workout as hard as I can! Thank you for the inspiration, and please let me know about any supplement use if you did use them. Thanks!!

  93. buma

    i face the same problem as you did. pls is this all i need to get started cause for years now i have tried all methods to no avail.
    pls confirm it to me that the last picture and the first picture i see on this page are the same person cus its unbelievable

  94. Zakarie

    i am tin my weight is 51 i want to be strong and make gym can u help me

  95. Neytram

    So technically, you lift weights to make you strong, but in order to gain and be big, you have to eat and rest a lot.
    Did I get it right?

  96. Tim

    This is great I really appreciate all the info! I have one question about the workout referring to Mark Rippetoe’s Practical Programming Novice Program, when you say 3×5 Bench Press / Military Press (Alternating) do you mean 3×5 bench press and 3×5 military press alternating between the two or do you mean 2×5 bench press and 1×5 military press?

  97. Nick

    hey there, your forum has helped me understand a lot more about me. but i used to be strong full of muscle i generated anorexia and an eating disorder and lost everything like all my muscle. for this plan you provided do you recommend any cardio??? i do a lot on top of weights and need to know if i should stay away from it i feel like i may put a lot of fat on but I’m think that with muscle memory food will only just help me gain back in a good way

    How can I eat lots without gaining back lots of fat because I need to gain at least 30 pounds for this recovery but 3 years ago I was 70 pounds over weight (very chubby)

    any thoughts

    thank you so much nick :)

  98. ameen

    Bro I am 61 and thin ! Your article has inspired me so much but in your next article I just want you to include the role of external factors in weight gaining, for eg: energy spent in a day for various activity versus just sleeping or lying around , and other factors such as drinking,smoking etc ! Some ppl say drinking beers on regular basis adds on weight.I want to know your opinion on all these factors.
    No credits taken…this is by far the best weight gainer article I’ve ever read ! Awesome work bro

  99. Nguyen

    Any special idea how to gain weight for skinny guys from a Vietnamese background? I feel like we’re doomed for skinniness

  100. Jhon

    Do masterbation affects in gaing mass for skinny boys ?

  101. Mitchell

    I’m 16 years old and skinny, I’m just wondering if you used this specific plan, like the different types of exercises for the whole 18 month transformation?

  102. cristian

    hi im a 14 year old boy that weighs 90 pounds my doctor says i shouldn’t lift weights due to medical history what excercises due you reccomend and will the plan still work thanks please reply amazing article btw

  103. Bradley

    Though it has been asked, Does masturbation affects in gaining weigh?
    I’m kinda skinny and I really feel shy…
    My current weight is almost 60 KG and I’m 18 now.

    • Mr|Appy

      haha.. dude.. Stop Masturbating.. As it not only takes off all ur energy.. it reduces ur sperm quality too..

      Stop doing that.. n you will see the change in your energy level from the first week only..

      I know its not that easier.. even i too tried for not doing so.. bt every time i failed.. so i joined Gym did intense workouts and deleted all video stuff lol :p n eats thr the end of the day your muscles will tell you not to do any physical work now n then You will not do Masturbation for sure.. ;)

      Sperm is not Your Fat.. bt it takes all your energy through which u could lift up weight and gain some muscles.. so Go n Join Gym dude..

  104. Eric

    Hello my name s Eric, I am 24. I’m ready to meet my soul mate, but I have serious UN-attractive qualities,

    * Mal-nurturance, white pale skin. Honest, I feel like im slowly dying inside. Im 5’10, 140, some workout background, love dumbell.

    If any one out there can nicely respond and help me out I would so appreciate. A list of supp;ents is vital.

    • Eric

      ALSO…. Food is a serious problem, a Dr diagnosed me with SED, selective eating disorder. I dont like smells, textures, food TERRIFIES ME . I want to be a normal person and someday have a regular like. TX for your help

  105. buddy coolen

    Hi thanks for this website. I’m writing u to ask 4 help I have gastrparesis,and cyclic vomiting syndrome so I have a hard time gaining weight. I am 5’11 128 lbs. I was hoping that u could help me get a workout to do to help me.thank you.

  106. will sonn

    Hi..thank you so much for creating this useful site and sharing your own experience for us I’m exactly the same as you were before …yeah .eating food is most important to gain weight or muscle ..but I get really confused about amount of exercise much exercise should we need everyday ??, and what types of exercise ??

  107. Jacob

    Hey I have a few important questions, I’m in a real tight situation. I’m 16 years old, and I CONSTANTLY eat. But I can’t gain weight… I’ve tried all I can think of. If you can just please contact me to give me a few tips on gaining weight I would much appreciate it. Thank you

  108. Bruno

    Hey man you gave me confidence enough to start practicing. I’m 18 now and so skinny really wanna give it a try, thanks!

  109. Mikkel Esser Smith


    I just read your article on gaining muscle for skinny guys. It was very good reading – Thanks.
    I went through a similar process some years ago but I havent worked out regularly for almost 10 years now. And thats why I’m looking into techniques. The 3 day 3×5 program looks really good, but I’m concerned about the bench press.
    At the moment I’ll be working out alone, which means that there is a real issue with heavy benching.
    Can bench press realistically be replaced with free weight presses? What are my other options?
    Also in regards to determining the initial weight you mention speed and style. Since I did these excercises back in the day, I feel comfortable with the techniques, however the speed is a unsure point. I take it small “breaks” should not occur. How long should the enitre days workout take?

    Thanks in advance on your advice and keep writing good articles.

    Best regards,
    Mikkel Esser Smith

  110. I’ve been avoiding over eating because it’s been found to shorten the life span. Also seems one would need to be rich in order to eat like this from week to week. I work outside… That alone burns up Everything I eat. Weights etc do nothing essentially – or might puff me up for about 36 hours. Pretty ridiculous.

  111. Ivan

    Hi, Regev! I’m an ectomorph and wants to follow your guide. However, I don’t have any equipment to support the exercise program. Can I just increase the number of sets & reps? Like from 3×5 squat to 15×5? Thanks in advance!

  112. Debbie

    Hey Regev!
    I ran into your blog by accident, when I was researching on the Internet topics on “how to gain weight and muscle mass when you are skinny”. I am a girl, 26 years old, 1.65cm height,50kg and 18% body fat. I am doing Crossfit 3 times/week and Yoga 2-3 times/week as well. My goal is to build flexibility and strength and put on muscle mass. My ideal weight would be 56-57 kg, but that is something I will figure out once I reach this goal…maybe I can gain more!
    Man, I just don’t want to be skinny anymore! Sandra Prikker (fitness-model) has the ass and abs I want and I will get there!!

    Everyone says my mom is thin so I will be too for the rest of my life. I had some tests (blood tests,thyroid hormone etc) and I am perfectly healthy.My nutritionist has given me a nutrition plan of 1920kcal/day so I eat…a lot! I feel quite strong and healthy. I just want to put on weight and muscles!!!After reading your story I know I can reach my goal, no matter what othes are saying.

    My question to you: Do you think I should restrict my training to strength training as you preach skinny guys should do? I don’t know if all those things you are saying apply to women too…should I do the same? Reduce cardio and focus on strenght training mostly? Should I stop doing crossfit or keep doing it but avoid high intensity WODs? (workout of day).

    I don’t know what urged me to write to you, but I am completely desperate and I wanted to get an advice from someone who was skinny and managed to turn it around…and I bumped into you!

    Thank you for your time spent reading this!And if you decide to not reply, I totally get that you receive a large number of mails and messages like this so no hard feelings :) good luck and keep enjoying life!


  113. Joe

    Incredible article! It’s comforting to know that there is a means to all these.

  114. Bobby

    I have M.S. Overy the last four years, I have lost 80#, due to my ms going out of remiSsion.
    About a year ago, my doctor said I was back in remission.
    Having lost 80# , I am now about 130# , and obviously my muscle went With it.
    Since, MS affects muscles , etc in my body, I know it will be harder for me.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I went to a couple gyms and they basically laughed in my face.
    I’m trying to stay as strong as I can be for myself and my family. As I do not want this to totally take my body over, if I can help it.
    Not yet.

  115. Joel

    Hi, I’m a 15 year old boy living in Oxford, UK.

    See I am what you might call an extreme ectomorph. I am 170cm tall and weigh 52.5 kg and although being a strong sportsman I am skinny an weak. I have been skinny all of my life and I am fed up. Everyone at school is now growing much bigger and stronger than me which I don’t like so I came to this article on gaining muscle and weight. I understand from reading it several times that I have to eat much more and that I need to start doing weight training, but I am still confused about how long to do each thing and when to change weights. How long did it take you to reach 83kg? I am desperate to learn how to gain so much weight because I really need it. I plan to start my weight gaining project at the beginning of our summer holiday (about 7 weeks time) and would really appreciate it if you could help me out, mostly with the working out side of things as I have no experience with weights whatsoever. :)

  116. SHIVAM

    hey bro , am 19 and my body weight is just 47kgs , i tried everything to gain weight but nothing worked although am physically fit but am not gaining weight , am really in trouble my friend …. now everyone has started teasing me and this i dont like at my college level….

  117. Anthony

    I suffer with the same weight gain problem. You say eat eat eat til you can’t eat. Then eat some more . What if you dont have 5hat kind of appetite. What can I do

    • Regev Elya

      There’s no way around it. You’ve got to eat more. If you can’t – try the meal replacement shakes on the site.

  118. Josh

    Hey man, I’ll keep this quick. The program is actually working really well, your modifications optimize the type of workout the skinny guy needs. I’ve increased my squat from 95 to 145 in 3 weeks! I’m benching 100 pounds after struggling with 70. Its shockingly paying off, sorry I’m a skeptic, all journalists are. However, I’m having two problems, One: I’ve only gained a pound so far. Two: My Abs haven’t been getting work, and I really want to get back to college with abs. I’m 6’0 124 pounds, bad genetics. So, what do you recommend doing? I’m eating over 3K calories a day and at least my body weight in protein. Plus plenty of fruit smoothies and veggies when I can. Thanks man, you should put out a getting girls guide to with the way your guides seem to work. Seriously, I can’t believe how much my bench has increased.

    Thank you

    • Regev Elya

      Wait a sec, you’re consuming 3k+ a day and not gaining weight? I can see a few possible causes. From most probable to least probable:

      1. You’re not consuming 3k a day, you only think you do. Seriously, have you actually counted or do you just estimate?

      2. You’re a crazy, mega, super-ectomorph. Try 4k and tell me what happens.

      3. Do you cut your calories by half once a week? Maybe your body has adapted to 3k calories and isn’t gaining weight from it. Try to fast once in a week-two weeks and see what sup.

      4. You have some medical issues, perhaps a worm in your belly (my uncle had it, couldn’t gain weight for years. doctors removed it and he’s now as fat as fuck)

      There you go, let me know how things advance.
      p.s – good job on the weights increase

  119. gautam

    i wnt to become a healthy person,,,,,,,,,, in past i used so many medicine to bring changes in my body shape….but it din,t work………. why so plz say sir

    • Regev Elya

      pills are never the solution to your problems

  120. Richard

    Hi Regev, just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting up this amazing guide. I’m currently in the starting stages and can already see and feel a difference. I had a query, I’m currently on the ‘Mark Rippetoe’s Practical Programming Novice Program’ – where it advises 3×5 of most of the workouts. I was wondering what the warm-ups should be for these. I can see them for the intermediate stage, but not for the novice. Is it just the bar for one warmup, then maybe half of your max weight for the second warm up?

    Thanks in advanced.

    • Regev Elya

      Hey Richard, Ctrl+F for “Warmup” or “warm-up” or “warm up”, I’m pretty sure I’ve answered that before in one of the comments.

      • Richard

        Thanks mate, I actually went to the original website and found out there, thanks for taking the time to get back though.

        Good luck in the future, peace.

  121. Daniel

    Hey man. I’m 17 and really skinny. Just like you were in the first photo. I’ve been going to the gym for a while now and I’ve been seeing a small amount of change. In strength only pretty much. Now everyone says eat more and I’ve been trying, but I just don’t know what to eat. If you don’t mind, could you please reply with the foods/meals you ate? I would really appreciate it if you could. Thank you.

  122. Bubka

    Hi im 20 yr old 181 cm and weigh 60 kg previously i used to weigh 54 kg few mnths ago so started to eat more dnt care what i eat just i eat more and i make a shake with 800 ml water 10 spoons of Sattu , 4 spoons of sugar , 10 lemon drops , 2 spoon of salt using it for 3 mnths nw that extra calorie is really counting in and besides these i just eat a little more than what i used to eat in all my meals . . recently m at 60 to 60.5 kgs my 1st target was to reach 60 kg next target is 70 . . however i masturbate once everyday do i need to stop that ?

  123. Sid

    HI,actually i ve trying to put some weight for around 6 months(even though i dont go to gym) and ive gained only 4 kgs specially in the belly area no significant change in size in arms or legs . And from today ive decided to go to gym (i havent even seen face of a gym) how to start the first day.currently i am 57 kgs 5’8 and 20 year old. Your help will help me , thanx

  124. Do you think it’s possible for someone who is 32 years old to make these kind of gains? I’m 6′ 2 165 lbs and I’ve been very close to that my entire adult life. The most I can ever remember weighing is 172…and that’s been awhile. But anyways for a 32 year old who’s genetics are to be thin (my 61 year old father is thin and always has been), do you think it’s possible or realistic to gain weight (say like 185) and maintain that weight?

  125. aswin k a

    hey bro . iam from india and i am a skinny one too. its so boring being a skinny. i dont hav much strength also . i am not able to keep a daily schedule to go for weight training. i can take the foods u suggested for sure but can u give me an advice or can u help me with some training exercises for a skinny guy without weightlifting, i was mentioning about body weight training in the home itself..please help me friend cz am in such a need..

  126. Saju

    Hi Regev,

    Im sure you get a lot of personal messages everyday. Your life is an inspiration to people like me. I wanted to start by thanking you for sharing your story to inspire others.

    I am a victim of Gynecomastia. Not sure if your knowledge expands to this topic but I’m sure you will have a few tips that can help me. My body type is such that I put on and loose weight easily, but the man boobs are always there, no matter how skinny i get. My diet is poor as i work in shifts and am lazy about eating right. But i really want to change that. Hence this post to you. Is there any way i can gain weight and get rid of this horrific man boobs(apart from surgery). Do exercises really help? Are there any proven cure for Gyno?

    I understand if you do not have the right answers to help me, but i appreciate your website and winning attitude nerver the less.


  127. golden

    Nice and magic like transformation,so like if ur d guy at that bathtop, and dis is u nw,my question is u look big and strong campare to what u said in the article

  128. akki

    Hey Regev i read almost all the comments only just to know whether i can gain weight easily or not .After reading now i am pretty sure that ill gain weight after having a proper nutritional diet. But being in a hostel this cannot be possible so my trainer suugested me to take a mass gainer ,but i am confused whether i should take it or not . if i have to take supplements what should i take a mass gainer or whey protien .as m 20 yrs old of 180 cm height with 128 lbs of weight.
    And i jus want to buld a broad muscles bt not fat .I would reely thank full to you if you help me out.

  129. Legato

    Hi, and thanks for your article, it’s awesome ! I have a question though : I don’t have any equipment, and I live in an appartment without much room, so having a bench / rack or something like that isn’t an option for me (also, tight budget). I’m not even sure if I can install a pull-up bar without breaking the walls…
    Anyway, I was wondering if exercising using only bodyweight could be an option. This would also allow me to keep training while not at home, when travelling, etc. What are your thoughts on this ? Is it possible ? If so, what would be a good program to follow ?

    If you already mentioned it and I missed it, my apologies, it’s a bit late here… hahah !
    Thanks in advance !

  130. Hey, i have a question, do i have to cut my food intake by half every week or…? Because i am kinda confused.

  131. Ruben

    hey man, I want to say that your workout is really helpful. I am 18 years old, 191 cm and when I started I weighted 65 kg. Now, after 3 months, I am on 72kg. I made progress on squats, bench, standing press, so on everything basically. I do have some ( I think interesting) question were I did not found an answer on.

    1: what to do if you reach the weight that you want? My goal is around 80-85kg, but what if I reach that? Then I probably need to start eat less because otherwise I will keep increasing in weight. Do I need to start a totally different workout then?

    2: Does this workout train my calf muscles? I am starting to get big upper legs and I don’t know if my calf muscles are increasing.

    3: Can I do abs exercises everyday to make sure that I don’t get a belly?

    4: When I have done bench press, it’s like only my arms and shoulders are tired. I don’t feel anything from my chest muscles. Is that normal?

    Thanks in advance!

  132. Hey, i got a question: Do i have to cut the food intake by half every single week, or just for 2-3 weeks? I am a little confused.

  133. PRAKASH

    I red your article..i little bit confused .I am 25 years old…169 cm weight is 52 Kg..and my weight is 52 last 5 years..still now remain unchanged my weight whatever i ATE…
    Please guide me to overcome this problem…Sir…what are the steps i need to take to gain my bodyweight…at least I can gain weight 10 to 15 Kg…and also my chest is too flat…

    I am waiting your reply sir…for change of my life…

  134. Matthew

    I tried lifting weights but nothing happened. I tried eating a lot but I guess it wasn’t enough at all. This article is inspiring. Can you be my personal trainer man? I’m glad you visited the Philippines. Kudos to you bro!

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