What Is The Best Way to Take Money Abroad and Avoid Being Robbed Overseas?

Commenter Randy Meyer writes: I found your website excellent and to the point. How about an article on traveling with currency. My biggest fear traveling aboard is ensuring I have enough currency to enjoy the trip with but also minimizing the risk of being robbed. My own experience is that the majority of the world’s […]

Avoiding 30% Withholding Tax on Royalties For Non-US Amazon Self Publishers

If you’re a non-US self-publisher, you must have noticed that Amazon, CreateSpace, SmashWords and other US-based companies withhold 30% of your earnings for tax reasons. Last month I finally took the initiative, called the IRS and solved it once and for all. Unlike other popular but extremely long and tedious guides, this post will be […]

Profitable Ideas and Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Reader Orit asking: Shalom, my name is Orit Gutmacher Levy, and I’m a 38 year old freckled Country Girl <3  I live in a magical farm town in the Galilee, Israel. I believe in following my heart <3  I’m following my dream to create smart, simple, natural and beautiful children’s games & unique home décor […]

Tom Bihn Synapse 19 Review: Best Minimalist Travel Bag

If you’ve been an avid follower of this site last year, you probably noticed my recent absence. The reason? I’ve been on a very long trip to Central America and the Caribbean and the stimuli was just too high for me to sit, focus and write. Amongst the highlights – I was hunting food in the green lush […]

The Detailed Universe: How Significant Are We?

We’re childish enough to believe we’re the center of the universe. We’re arrogant enough to believe we’re above all other creatures. We’re violent enough to fight our own selves. And we’re bored enough to watch The Kardashians. We humans are one funny creature. And there’s one thing we all occasionally feel from time to time: Stress. […]

Xero Shoes Review: Huarache Barefoot Sandals of the Mexican Tarahumara

A few years ago I became aware of the horribly dangerous drawbacks of modern shoes. It didn’t come as a surprise though, I was always doubting their safety considering the recent science on our human evolutionary history. Beautifully, our feet are an amazing outcome of millions of years of walking, running, climbing and jumping completely […]

How to Start an Online Business From Home Selling a Digital Product or Service

–> This article is NOT finished. Keep it in your bookmarks and come back next month<– I believe it’s true that the difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. – Michael […]